Living on a Houseboat – Solving the Storage Problem


Image of houseboat on the waterIt goes without saying that storage space is definitely limited on a houseboat. Even a large boat will not compare to a small home in the amount of storage and closet space. Yes, there is usually under boat hull storage, small closets in each bedroom and possibly a storage locker on the back of the boat. However, it hardly compares to the wardrobes, chests of drawers and various outbuildings that are taken for granted by house owners.

On top of that, as most boats come fully furnished, there would be no room for that antique pine kitchen table or valuable three piece suite. You will most likely have room for some clothing, kitchen items, toiletries, and a few personal belongings. Owning a houseboat is about messing about on the river and not messing about with the interior! Continue reading