Checklist: Preparing A Room For Decoration

self storage for decoration

Self storage for decoration is something to really consider while moving or redecorating. As with most things in life, preparation is vital. Perhaps you’re moving or looking to add an extension, a conservatory, a new kitchen or bathroom or simply a new coat of paint. What will you do with the furniture? How do you pack and safely store your small, personal belongings? What is the best way to use self storage for decoration?

Whatever project you take on, small or large, your belongings need protection and safe storage. This includes protection against dust, paint and damage either from moving around or the builders themselves. Self storage for decoration is important in getting a room ready and neglecting this step could put your renovations and decoration work at risk. Continue reading

How self storage can help with your DIY

image of person paintingMany people will choose the summer months for a spot of internal or external DIY and decorating.

Whatever work you have planned – inside or out – have you thought of what happens to your belongings, tools and materials whilst the work is being undertaken?

We have all tried to decorate the inside of our house whilst protecting our furniture and belongings beneath a few dusty old sheets. It doesnt always work, does it?

And whilst damage is not a consideration when it comes to outside work, have you considered where you will store your timber, bricks, fencing, cement, mixer and tools until it’s time to get the work done?

You might not have any room in your garage and we all know that leaving materials and tools outside is an open invitation to thieves. Continue reading