Affordable Student Storage Units

student storage

Most universities in the UK are winding down in May with many students going back home for the summer. This time of year signals a mass exodus of students all over the country looking for safe and affordable student storage solutions.

As many students will confirm, summer plans are often somewhat unpredictable in many different ways. Some may get part-time jobs while others will spend their summer with the family which also means taking all of their stuff. The question is, what to do with all your belongings?

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Use of temporary self storage is on the increase

self storage unitsNo matter how hard we try, it seems that at some point in our lives we all have too much stuff and nowhere to store it. Household storage, student belongings, paperwork or business needs mean that the use of temporary self storage is on the increase. We take a look at some of the typical reasons why people are turning to storage solutions outside the home to help solve their problems. Continue reading

Self storage can solve the student belongings dilemma

self storage for studentsIt could the end of the first year or last year at university but the start of June signals the mass exodus of students away from campus and accommodation.

For those who are not yet at the end of their course it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stay in their accommodation over the summer months. Landlord agreements don’t normally allow it and halls of residence, generally empty and shut down, the accommodation often being given over to commercial opportunities. The dilemma is what do you do with your belongings for the summer? Clothes and lap tops will come home with you, but do you really want or need to bring home those car loads of kitchen pots and pans and dishes etc. only to have to load up and take them all back again in 12 weeks time? A self storage locker close your university is the answer. For those not yet able to get in to their private accommodation, box it all up and leave it over the summer in a place where you know everything will be secure and it will be close by once they’re ready to move in. Continue reading

Storage Tips for your Child’s Room

school stuff needing storage tipsWe’re into the second week of September and the kids have been back in school a little over a week. If you’ve got younger children, the new uniform, if they wear one, was bought and a little bit of space found in the wardrobe to house it. That’s all there was to it!

Having said that, you’ve probably still got all their summer clothes and toys to rehome. Chances are they seem to have more things now than they did at the start of summer – it doesn’t all fit back into where it came from! You need to give the storage some serious thought.

If you’ve got older children who are heading off to senior school, the challenges of storage space are a little harder. It’s not just uniform to find a space for in the wardrobe. There’s sports kit (and that includes boots, shin pads and more), text books, files and folders. Maybe even new additions of the musical variety. Suddenly, your child’s room seems way too small! Continue reading

Secure storage for students

students furniture for secure storageIt’s that time of year when university students are beginning to wind down.

Some students will go home for the summer. Many will spend a few weeks on the move, maybe travelling abroad, whilst others will say goodbye to their study books for the last time and spend the summer months preparing for the big move into full time employment.

Whatever the plan, all students need somewhere to store their belongings over the coming weeks. For those going back, many will be reluctant to leave their furniture and possessions in an empty house. After all, it’s impossible to know who could be roaming around the house over the holiday period.

Those who have the luxury of returning to their parents’ home for the summer, can take their belongings with them as long as their parents have room, of course. But again, if they’re going back, do they really want to take everything home? The TV and computer, probably. But all the pots and pans, books and files only to have to lug them all back again at the end of the summer break? Continue reading