Using Self Storage to Help Sell Your Home

self storage

More people put their house on the market during summer and opt for “staging” to speed up the process. The only way to do that is showing it off at its best and that means removing all the clutter and putting any extra furniture into self storage. You could keep things with a friend or in the garage but there is a risk of damage or theft.

When the time is right, prepare your home for “staging” as showing it to potential buyers in a good state is essential. Not only will it ensure your house gets sold faster but you could also potentially add to the property value. Here is a helpful guide on home staging, self storage and a few home improvements for best results.

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Home Improvements: Adding Value To Your Home When Renovating

home improvements

End of the year is approaching and many people are either thinking about home improvements, selling or extending. Considering the current state of the UK housing market, unless you have to move, perhaps you could renovate your existing home instead to keep costs down.

If you are moving, what can you do to add value and improve saleability and is it worth the effort? There is no point in spending tons of money if you are not going to recover it. At the same time, what should you do to add value to your house if you want to stay?

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Top tips for selling your house


selling your house image of clean tidy roomIt’s time to think about selling your house and already the butterflies have gathered. You have spent weeks studying the market and looking for the next destination. However, the biggest factor in any house move is the actual sale itself. No sale, no move.

So, when selling your house how best do you advertise your property? How can you make it attractive to your potential buyer? How do you get the client through your front door? What can you do to ensure that your house is more attractive than those on the market for a similar price?

Here are some key tips to selling your house

Keep it clean and you will keep them keen!

No amount of talking from the agent is going to help when it comes to selling your house, if the place is a tip. However tidy you might be on a daily basis, make sure you make your home sparkles – especially on the day the photographer turns up. Get the carpets, sofa covers, oven and windows cleaned and pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, which need to be inviting and hygienic. Continue reading