Self storage DO’s and DON’Ts

self storage unitsIf you are planning to rent a self storage unit to help alleviate your storage problems, always remember to READ the storage rules. Like anything else in life, there are always plenty of Do’s and Don’ts.

Look at the small print when you sign your contract and make sure you plan accordingly. DO your homework and DON’T just sign on the dotted line and ignore the rest.

If you follow the correct procedures, take care when it comes to preparing your goods and organise your storage unit properly, you will reap the benefits.

Remember – if you are ever in doubt, you refer to your rental agreement or talk to a manager at your self storage facility who can clarify anything you are unsure of. After all, the rules are not only set in place for for the protection of the storage unit owners, but for you and other users of the facility. Continue reading

Top things you can’t keep in a self storage unit

Image of converted shipping containersThe use of self storage units has increased dramatically over the years as we accumulate more and more belongings and outgrow our space. We buy things, inherit things and even ‘acquire’ things (normally by way of looking after things for family members or friends but never quite manage to get them back to their owners!).

So, now you find you’ve run out of space, but that’s OK, everything can go in a self storage unit, right? Not necessarily so. The vast majority of things are fine to store but there are some things that definitely cannot be stored in a self storage unit. Continue reading

Self Storage – What you can and can’t store

self storage unitsSpring is in the air and people are starting to think about that spring clean. As well as cleaning up and clearing out, it might mean a bit of decorating and DIY. As part of the clean up all those things that have been hidden in cupboards, or dumped on the bed or floor in the spare room now need a home. If it’s decorating, some of those larger things may need to be cleared out temporarily too.

For those with children away at university and not in their final year, it’s about now that parents start thinking about making room for their kids back at home for the summer. That spare room mentioned before, is probably theirs and has been used as the dumping ground while they’re away! It’s time to find somewhere to put everything until they go back in September.

For parents of students in their final year and graduating, the job is a little harder. Have they got a job and are moving away straight after Uni? If so what do you do with their stuff? It’s unlikely they’ll want it all straight away – they’re not likely to have space! Maybe they’re off travelling but need to bring everything back from Uni first or are just going to spend time at home for a while. Whichever it is, you are likely to get their stuff back at home.

For whatever reason, many people will now be thinking about storage space, or rather their lack of it! Self storage facilities are the answer, whether it’s short term or more permanent. But, it’s not just a case of moving boxes from one place to another, there are rules about what you can and can’t store in a self storage unit. Continue reading

Self-storage rules and regulations

note saying know the self-storage rulesIt goes without saying, there are self-storage rules and regulations. So, before you sign on the dotted line, it’s always best to check first. Find out exactly what you can and cannot store in a self-storage unit.

Your local self-storage centre will have a list that details the do’s and don’ts. For example, you wouldn’t expect your local self-storage centre to host your pets or firearms, would you? And of course, it would be folly to ask whether you could store flammable liquids or combustibles. Continue reading

Self storage rules – the dos and don’ts

picture of note about rulesWe all turn our nose up at rules and regulations. After all, most of us still associate the dos and don’ts with getting told off at school! However, they are a fact of life. When it comes to self storage, there are a number of self storage rules and regulations which, if you choose to ignore, could prove very costly for you and others.

Here at Space Centre Self Storage we are happy to discuss any concerns you might have with regards to self storage rules and to allay any fears over insurance, protection and security. We will also inform you what you can and can’t keep in our units and containers. For the time being, however, we have detailed just a few of the key points you will need to know when it comes to choosing your self storage unit. Continue reading