Things To Think About When Moving House

moving house checklist

There are many reasons for moving house whether you want to live in a better area, need to move for work, want a bigger house or be closer to family. Whilst some needs will differ when renting versus buying and whether you have children or not, many aspects remain the same. In this post, we look at all the main factors to consider when moving house and how to make the transition as easy as possible.

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Commonly Asked Self Storage Questions And Answers

Everyone has different storage needs, whether it is moving house, downsizing, retiring, antiques or business purposes. Self storage is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to free up space at home or the office, but there are some common self storage questions that people often ask. To help you understand what to expect, how it all works and more, here are some of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about self storage units.

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The Ultimate Summer Sports Equipment Storage Guide

We can all agree that the good weather is all but over and that means it’s time to start thinking about summer sports equipment storage. Considering good quality sports equipment isn’t cheap, you need to follow best practices to ensure everything stays in excellent condition until the next season. 

Leaving it on the floor in the garage or garden shed with little to no security is not the right way. To help you keep your summer sports equipment in good condition, whether it’s golf clubs, stand up paddleboards, kayaks or bicycles, these sports equipment storage tips can help. 

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Christmas Storage Tips And Preparing Your Home For The Holidays

Christmas storage

With Christmas just seven weeks away, is your home ready for family and friends visiting for the holidays? We all know last year was a bit of a damp squib as Covid prevented families from getting together. Thankfully, this year is different and if you’re planning to make up for it, our Christmas storage and home organising guide can help.

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Ultimate Guide to Clearing Out A Storage Unit

clearing out a storage unit

Clearing out a storage unit can be a frustratingly time-consuming project, especially if you are storing large and bulky items. It can also cause headaches when it’s filled to the brim with loads of boxes, bags and other belongings taking up most of the space.

Whether you haven’t visited your storage unit in a long time, inherited one from a relative or it’s time to remove everything, it’s important to know what it takes for effectively cleaning out a storage unit. Fortunately for you, we have loads of experience and in this guide, we share some valuable advice.

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