Extended Holidays And Secure Self Storage

secure self storage

Increasingly, more people are going away for extended holidays but what about all the important belongings? Unless you can ask friends or family to look after your house or check in from time to time, secure self storage may be the best option.

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Space Centre Self Storage Virtual Tour

Space Centre Self Storage

We are always open to those who would like to view our storage units but we know it’s not always possible. This is especially the case if you’re still in the moving process and too far away for an on-site visit.

You shouldn’t miss out just because you can’t see it for yourself. Why not take a look at the virtual tour of our premises so you know exactly what you’re getting. Whether you’re on a mobile device or on your desktop, we’d like to say “Welcome to Space Centre Self Storage!” Continue reading

Effectively Storing Collectibles

Storing Collectibles

Effectively Storing Collectibles

For many people, being an antique collector or expert is synonymous to a hobby. For some, this could be that top earning job they’ve been looking for. Something every seasoned collector will tell you though is the importance of storing collectibles. A well preserved or maintained antique is far more valuable which means proper storage is vital.

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Safe storage when extending or renovating

part built extensionAre you one of those families in need of more space? It might be that you’ve set up your own business at home and need to convert a spare bedroom into office space. Maybe your new addition is in need of a nursery. Some families will move, lock, stock and barrel to a new home to find that extra space.

Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to move. As most of us know, moving home can be expensive, especially if you are upsizing. Not only will you need extra finances to meet your increased mortgage repayments, but the move itself – solicitors fees, removals and everything else that goes with it – can put a significant strain on your pocket. Continue reading