Preparing Your Belongings For Self Storage

self storage

Are you moving, renovating or decorating your home or relocating to a new business premises? This can be stressful but planning ahead and following these self storage tips will help you prepare for anything.

Whether you are looking for a temporary storage space while unpacking or a long-term solution for all the clutter, a self storage unit is ideal for households and businesses.

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5 top tips on packing boxes the right way

picture of boxes filled with goodsThere is a right and a wrong way to do everything. It goes without saying. If you listen to a decent piece of advice, all will go smoothly. If you ignore the recommendations of others, you are likely to make more trouble for yourself. The same goes when it comes to moving house or de-cluttering your home to create more space. Packing boxes should be the most simple of tasks. However, it can be disastrous if you do it the wrong way.
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