Practical Storage Tips To Declutter Your Home

storage tips

We’ve all heard the term, ‘home is where the heart is’ but what if your home is consumed by clutter? It’s incredible to think how quickly a home gets cluttered. Unfortunately, getting it organised again takes an entire army and you need a clear space for a positive state of mind.  Declutter the right way with these practical storage tips and you’ll achieve your Feng Shui. Continue reading

Stock Storage Solutions

Stock Storage

Summer markets and festivals are almost in full swing again and effective stock storage is essential. Whether you’re an online retailer, have a shop premises or you have a stall at an event, do you really need to keep all your stock with you? In fact, many businesses use self-storage facilities for stock storage as it keeps their home or office uncluttered.

The greatest benefit here is peace of mind. People know they can access things whenever they need to and that it’s kept clean, dry and safely locked away. Continue reading

Tips for organising your self storage unit

self storage unit shelvingThere are many reasons for people using self storage, but whatever the reason, if you’re going to keep your belongings in tip top condition, organising your self storage unit is essential. Business stock, household storage or paper filing all needs to be packed and stored properly if you are to

  1. Use the space in your unit effectively
  2. Keep your items in good repair

Using the space effectively may not seem high on your list of priorities when you decide to use self storage but it should be. Stacking and storing things properly can have an impact on your pocket; when done correctly you can often reduce the size of the unit you need and so reduce your costs! Continue reading

How to fit everything in your self storage unit

self storage packing boxesIf you’ve read any of our posts, you’ll know that one of the pieces of advice we frequently give is ‘don’t pay for space you don’t need’. When deciding on the size of your self storage unit it doesn’t have to be the same size as the place your belongings came from (unless of course it’s come from another well packed self storage unit!). It can be hard to envisage just how much space you need and that’s why we compare the unit sizes to different removal van sizes; we find it helps people. However, it can still be difficult when making that final decision about a unit size, so when doing that you need to consider how you will pack your unit. If you pack your unit well, you may be able to get everything in to that smaller space.

Here are our top tips when packing your self storage unit

Continue reading

Common mistakes when using self storage units

boxes on a pallet for storageIf you want to do something well, do it properly. The same applies when you come to choosing and stacking your self storage units.

Deciding to use one of your local self storage units is the easy bit. You fancy a spot of de-cluttering and you make a call. Your local self storage centre has a unit to suit your needs and the process is underway.

However, have you ever thought how to de-clutter, how to sift through your belongings and how to plan what goes where when you finally pick up the key to your unit?

How would you pack a tea set, the spare Chesterfield, a table and chairs and or your garden furniture which is causing one or two lack of space problems in the garage?

Like anything, there is a right and a wrong way. If you take the easy option and literally stuff your goods into the unit, you will pay the price at a later date.

Do things properly and you will not only maintain the value of your goods, but your life will become a whole lot easier. Continue reading