Sole Trader-Storing your tools


Storing your tools the right way

If you’re a sole trader like a carpenter, electrician or plumber, you don’t have to spend a fortune on business premises which will mostly be used for storing your tools.

So before you decide on making a big investment in a business property, consider a self-storage unit. Storage units come in various sizes and a 120 or 200 square foot unit will cost considerably less than a business property and still offers all the space you need. Continue reading

Small projects to help you de-clutter

de-clutter photographsWhen the New Year arrives many people make resolutions for all sorts of things; diet, exercise stopping smoking or drinking and clearing out / de-cluttering are a few of the most common ones. But for a resolution or goal to be achieved, it has to be realistic. Many small goals are much better than one huge target which will take forever to achieve.

So, when it comes to clearing the clutter, resolving to empty the loft, garage and cupboards of everything you no longer need in one go is not the ideal way to do it – well not at this time of year anyway. For most people weekends and evenings are the time when this work will be done and it’s not really an inviting thought. It’s cold, dark and wet. Are you really going to spend a whole weekend or every evening when you get home from work in the freezing cold garage or loft? I think we all know that unless you desperately need the space for something immediate, the answer is no. So do it a little at a time, and at this time of year, it starts indoors. Set yourself a goal to do a cupboard or a room at a time. That way, you’ll have everything in the main living areas sorted before you start heading up to the loft or garage. You might even create enough space to start gradually bringing things down from the loft to sort through. Continue reading

Storage Solutions for the home

storage solutions - shelvingIt’s about now that you’ll be looking around you and wondering where on earth you are going to put everything once Christmas is over. You may have been tempted by the many offers around and added a few extra decorations that will need somewhere to live until next time. In addition there are the gifts you received and if you’ve got children, there’s probably still a pile of things on the floor in each room that need to find a home. It’s time to get smart with storage solutions for everyone.

It’s very likely that with a little thought or re-organisation you can find a place for everything, and if not, you’ve got serious clearing out to do! Here are a few ideas for creating a little extra storage space throughout the house that won’t cost the earth. Continue reading

10 top tips for storage solutions on a boat

Image of houseboat on the waterDo you own a narrow boat and feel that storage space is becoming an issue? Are you planning a narrow boat holiday and need some storage solutions before you start messing about on the river?

Holidaying on a boat sounds idyllic; ambling along the canal with the sun on your face and a glass of something cool in your hand. But the realities of storage space on a boat can sometimes come as a bit of a shock! Continue reading

Loft storage is the key to creating space

image of things in a loftWith winter having passed, it’s time to think about putting your overcoats, jumpers, scarves, gloves, bedding and boots away for the spring and summer and creating some much needed space around the house.

Your loft is the ideal place for immediate, temporary storage. Unless, of course, you’re one of those hoarders who has spent the past 10 or 20 years using your loft space as an indoor junk-yard. If so, it’s time to de-clutter, create some loft storage space and subsequently fill the available gaps with your winter woollies and bedding. Loft storage is key to anyone’s attempt to create space around the house. Continue reading