Secure Storage And Staycations

secure storage during staycations

Are you considering a Staycation or renting your home out for some time? Have you considered the best way to ensure secure storage for your belongings?

The coronavirus is continuing to put a dampener on holidays abroad and that means more people are turning to ‘Staycations’. That means going on a short holiday without leaving your own country which has resulted in more people using sites like Airbnb or Home Exchange.

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Christmas Storage And Home Organising Tips

Christmas storage

With the festive holidays only a few weeks away, do you have Christmas storage plans in place? For businesses, this means finding suitable storage space for all the decorations, outfits and extra stock and for households, it’s all about hiding Christmas presents and organising your home for guests.

Considering that Christmas involves spending time with family and friends cooking up a storm, you also need to organise your kitchen. This part of Christmas storage is particularly important as you need to find a safe place for the crockery, cutlery and dishes without having to unpack cupboards every year.

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Extended Holidays And Secure Self Storage

secure self storage

Increasingly, more people are going away for extended holidays but what about all the important belongings? Unless you can ask friends or family to look after your house or check in from time to time, secure self storage may be the best option.

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Wrapping and Storage Ideas for Odd-Shaped Christmas Presents

storage ideas

In an ideal world, everything we buy should be easy to wrap and store but some gifts are shaped awkwardly. If you have a big family or just like buying loads of presents, where do you keep everything? And let’s face it, some kids will stop at nothing to find their presents so you need to come up with creative storage ideas. This is especially the case when it’s a bicycle, a scooter or a piece of furniture. Not only do you need superhuman wrapping skills, you also need good storage ideas other than the garage or shed. Continue reading

Secure self storage can give summer holiday security

holidays and secure self storageWe’re just entering the summer holiday season and if you don’t have children of school age, the chances are you’re taking the opportunity to get away now before the schools finish up or have decided to wait until September. If you’re waiting for school to finish, you’ll be eagerly planning and working your way through that holiday checklist; clothes, sun cream, holiday money, sickness tablets!

Many people plan their holiday with military precision, from booking, to packing and then leaving and doing the same for the return journey. What most people don’t consider is their home and it’s contents while they’re away. Some get a neighbour or friend to look in every few days. Others use automatic light switches, but, unfortunately most of these systems are easy to spot, especially if (and many people do this) you leave your curtains closed while you’re away. Continue reading