Home improvements and self-storage

image of conservatoryIt’s never too late to make a New Year’s resolution and don’t worry that Spring is almost upon us. You can still act now if you want to put a long-time plan into motion and make some home improvements. Whatever the reason for the gap between making your resolution in January and starting your project – it’s never too late if you really want to do it!

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Using self-storage to limit flood damage

5943043_mIf you were a victim of the recent flooding that left so many people temporarily homeless and quite literally counting the cost of the worst storms for many years, do you harbour genuine fears that you might suffer flood damage again?

If so, would you or could you do anything differently to counter the possible catastrophic flood damage that such storms can cause?

Of course, there are times when the storm arrives almost unannounced and as a result, leaves us totally helpless. However, if the forecasters are predicting a potentially fierce spell that could replicate the level of destruction that we saw in so many of our coastal towns and riverside communities this winter, maybe it’s time to consider the option of self-storage.
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