Music Festival Guide: Survival Kit Essentials

self storage lockers

Music festival lovers across the country can gear up for another epic season. Fan favourites include Boomtown, Bestival, Latitide Festival, Houghton Festival and The Great Escape among others. For those who know what it takes to truly enjoy the festivities, preparation is key and extends beyond a simple festival guide. So what do self storage lockers have to do with music festivals? Here’s what you can do to prepare for the season.

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It’s time to get your festival gear out of temporary storage

festival crowdFestival season is upon us! There’s the favourites like Glastonbury, T in the Park, Oakwell, Monmouth or White Cliffs. But there are also newer ones popping up across the country. If you’re a music lover, the chances are you may well be heading off to one of this year’s music festivals.

Will you be prepared? If you’ve been before and weren’t one of those people who simply left everything behind at the end of the weekend, do you know where to find your tent, sleeping bags, ground mats, wellies, blankets and cooking equipment? Did you sort it all out put everything in temporary storage after last year’s escapades in the mud or are they squashed into a small space in your garage or garden shed? Continue reading