Small projects to help you de-clutter

de-clutter photographsWhen the New Year arrives many people make resolutions for all sorts of things; diet, exercise stopping smoking or drinking and clearing out / de-cluttering are a few of the most common ones. But for a resolution or goal to be achieved, it has to be realistic. Many small goals are much better than one huge target which will take forever to achieve.

So, when it comes to clearing the clutter, resolving to empty the loft, garage and cupboards of everything you no longer need in one go is not the ideal way to do it – well not at this time of year anyway. For most people weekends and evenings are the time when this work will be done and it’s not really an inviting thought. It’s cold, dark and wet. Are you really going to spend a whole weekend or every evening when you get home from work in the freezing cold garage or loft? I think we all know that unless you desperately need the space for something immediate, the answer is no. So do it a little at a time, and at this time of year, it starts indoors. Set yourself a goal to do a cupboard or a room at a time. That way, you’ll have everything in the main living areas sorted before you start heading up to the loft or garage. You might even create enough space to start gradually bringing things down from the loft to sort through. Continue reading

What to do with unwanted Christmas Gifts

unwanted christmas gift socksOne of the most regular questions we get asked when people use us for household storage is what can they do with the things they no longer want or need. The obvious answer is to donate it to charity, providing of course, that’s in a good enough condition to be passed on. Often that’s the route they take, but it all depends on how much time and effort you want to put into getting rid of things.

You can always sell things on yourself, but you have to be prepared to take the time to advertise your goods and depending on where and how you sell them there will be a cost; it may be time or money, but there will be a cost. If you have a friend or relative that could benefit think about passing things on there. Then there’s the charity option. Charities rely on donations to run, whether it’s a financial donation or goods that can be sold in their shops. And don’t forget those places that may not be charities but could benefit. Local playgroups and community groups that may not be registered charities can often benefit from donations. Continue reading

Storage solutions for those school essentials

stroage solutions for school thinsgThe time has flown by and in just a couple of weeks children across the UK will be going back to school. The supermarkets and shops are full of school uniform and all those stationery essentials; pens, pencils, and notepads – you name it, they’ve got it. And it’s no longer just a few pens and pencils they need. Ask any secondary school pupil and they’ll tell you one packet of coloured pencils just won’t do it. Now they need highlighters, felt tips and permanent markers as well as pens and pencils, and not just in one standard size either. They want thin tips, wide tips, short ones and long ones. And when it comes to note pads, files and folders, it’s the same array of choice (and they’ll tell you – need!). Add to that school uniform, sports kit, bags and shoes and before long, you’ll be wondering where to put it all.

It’s time to start thinking of some clever storage solutions for all those school essentials!

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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New_Year_res_headerWe’re one full week in to the New Year and if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution you’re probably still on track and full of enthusiasm. But how long will that last? Many gym memberships bought in January get no use after February; exercise classes get smaller and smaller between January and April.

Whether you’re doing the dry January thing and giving up alcohol for a month or setting more long term goals one thing to remember is that your goal must be realistic and achievable. If not, then you’re destined to fail. For instance if you’re trying to lose weight set small weekly or monthly targets, not that one huge one that will always seem so far away. Want to get fitter? Don’t start by trying to run a marathon – do a little at a time and build up. Better still, find something you really enjoy doing or want to do and see if it can help with your fitness efforts. Ever wanted to learn to dance? Now there’s a way you can learn something you’ve always wanted to, have fun and get fitter, all at the same time! Continue reading

Top Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

unwanted furnitureThere are many reasons people have items of furniture they’re looking to rehome. You could be moving house, getting things out of long term storage, downsizing or simply having a good old clear out. Whatever the reason, the chances are you’ll have some unwanted furniture and need to find a way to dispose of it. How you dispose of it will depend on the state of repair it’s in.

Most things will fall into one of 4 categories Continue reading