Christmas Storage Tips For Hiding Presents

Christmas storage tips for hiding gifts

It seems that Christmas storage for unwrapped presents is becoming increasingly difficult every year. With only a few short weeks until Christmas, your partner and the kids are probably getting curious about their presents. Keeping them hidden is always a challenge as it seems children are masters at finding things they aren’t supposed to! 

Considering there are only so many hiding spots at home, you’ll have to get creative and find more ways of keeping Christmas presents out of sight and out of mind. If you are running out of secret places to store them, or have large and awkward shaped presents, maybe these Christmas storage tips can help. 

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Surprisingly Simple Christmas Storage Ideas

The festive holidays are almost here but this year things are a little different as Covid restrictions have wreaked havoc on travel plans and family visits. Some people decided to do their gift shopping earlier to avoid the post-lockdown shopping rush. But now that means having to find creative Christmas storage spots to keep those presents safe from nosy kids (and some adults).

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Survival Guide To Christmas Storage Solutions

storage solutions

It’s almost Christmas and preparing for the silly season can be daunting, especially if you are playing host this year. From finding clever storage solutions for presents and clearing out the spare room, to organising all the extra kitchen clutter in preparation for the big family meal.

Chances are that you managed just fine last year but now there seems to be more stuff in the house! Your kitchen looks cluttered, the spare room is filled with old clothes, linen, toys and a home gym that never gets used. Before you break into an anxious sweat, take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time.

We’ve compiled a handy survival guide to help you organise better this Christmas with creative storage solutions and decluttering tips.

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