Short Term Self Storage And Extended Holidays

Do you feel burnt out from not having had a holiday for nearly two years? Are you planning an extended holiday to make up for it? If this sounds like you, then this guide is all you need. We share expert advice on home safety, getting the right home insurance and how short term self storage can help keep your belongings safe. 

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Best Advice For Storing Business Records

Regardless of your type of business, one thing remains constant and that is managing and storing business records. From daily invoices and bills to tax documents that you only reference once a year, business owners must keep track of a large amount of paperwork. 

If you’re just starting, with only a few easy-to-manage invoices, you may be able to go without setting up a proper document storage system. However, for bigger organisations, using your memory alone is not sustainable unless you have a photographic memory. Still, to ensure everything is in place and remains above-board, here are some of the best tips for storing business records. 

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Things To Think About When Moving House

moving house checklist

There are many reasons for moving house whether you want to live in a better area, need to move for work, want a bigger house or be closer to family. Whilst some needs will differ when renting versus buying and whether you have children or not, many aspects remain the same. In this post, we look at all the main factors to consider when moving house and how to make the transition as easy as possible.

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Short Term Storage – The Answer To Many Problems

Many people think that self storage is just for long term projects and keeping big or bulky items, storing business files or work tools. The truth is, short term storage can be the answer to many challenges.

Are you expecting visitors and need to empty the spare room to make extra space? Is there a delay in a house move and do you need storage for a few items? How about keeping Christmas presents hidden from those prying eyes at home? Short term storage can help. 

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