Why do businesses use self-storage?

business self-storage large unitsOften when people think of business self-storage they assume it is mainly used by professional eBayers or for those with excess paper records or stock. However, businesses of all types and sizes are opting to use self-storage to free up space and keep important items safe. For example, companies who regularly attend exhibitions may need somewhere to store stands and display stock, while theatre companies might require space to store backdrops and props. Alternatively, businesses may wish to use a storage facility while they are refurbishing their premises. Continue reading

Self storage for business – everyone’s using it!

self stroage for business laptop on kitchen tabelTraditionally there were 2 primary reasons for people looking for self storage for business:
  1. Retailers who had large quantities of stock but didn’t have the room in their premises to store it. Not wanting to take on the expense of additional warehousing or premises, they turned to self storage.
  2. Businesses where there is a requirement to keep large amounts of paper records for long periods of time.

However, the landscape has changed and not only are established businesses using self storage in different ways, but start-up businesses are also turning to self storage to keep their costs down. In addition, technology and broadband advances now mean that businesses can operate quite effectively without having to have their staff in one central office. There are, or course, advantages and disadvantages of home working but it can be managed effectively. There are thousands of businesses across the country operating from kitchen tables, small or home offices with little or no overhead costs. Continue reading

Storing your garden tools

picture of garden tools by a treeIf you clean and then store your garden tools properly during the autumn and winter months, they will last you a great deal longer. Should you ignore such advice, you will almost certainly find yourself having to purchase new equipment, maybe on an annual basis.

But where should you store your garden tools?

Many homeowners and some self-employed gardeners will use their own garden shed or garage to store their garden tools. However, the more tools you collect, the more clutter you get.

Lucinda Dangerfield, co owner at Space Centre Self Storage has many clients who swear by the company’s safe, damp free units. In terms of security and protection you simply can’t go wrong. And there are no long-term contracts to worry about. Continue reading

Secure storage for sole traders


Image of secure storage untiAre you a sole trader whose business has grown in recent times? Have you invested in more equipment to keep pace with your expansion? If so, it could be that your van, shed or garage is simply not big enough to house the tools of your trade. Whatever your trade, secure storage could be the answer.

It makes sense to keep your tools together in a damp free unit. It not only avoids clutter at home, but provides you with peace of mind too. After all, many sole traders use secure storage units because of safety issues. How many times have we heard of tools being stolen from a garden shed or garage? How many vans containing tools are broken into on a daily basis? However, hard you try, it’s almost impossible to make your own premises or vehicle 100 per cent secure.


various secure stotrage unitsHere at Space Centre self storage, we offer secure storage units at competitive prices, with no long-term contracts to sign. We currently provide units, of all sizes, to tradesmen and retailers in the North Bristol and Gloucestershire area. Lucinda Dangerfield, co-director of Space Centre self storage said; “Many small businesses use our facilities to avoid cluttering their own homes or offices.

In terms of security, we have found that many tradesmen, retailers and ebayers prefer to house their stock and equipment with us, because they have peace of mind. Our premises are secure, damp free and accessible to the client at all times.”

Five reasons to use Space Centre self storage Continue reading

Looking after your garden tools


Garden-ToolsWe all want a nice garden, but how many people understand the importance of taking proper care of our garden tools so they continue to perform at their peak. This holds true for all our garden implements which are probably the most neglected of all tools.

We use them, abuse them, and put them away dirty and wet, only to see them rust and lose their effectiveness over time. But with proper maintenance and a little time spent, your garden tools can last and be effective for many years to come.

The best advice is to simply put them away after you use them. That could be in your shed, garage or a secure unit. Whatever happens do not leave them outside. Not only will proper storage keep unnecessary moisture away from your tools, it will also protect valuable tools from theft. Even when rain is not in your forecast, tools left outside are exposed to moisture from wet grass and dew. Continue reading