Storage solutions for the garden toys

storage solutions toysSpring is definitely turning into summer! The weather has warmed up and all the garden toys and games are finding their way outside, as well as some things that probably aren’t quite so sturdy.

In an ideal world, kids would play with one or two things at a time and put everything away neatly before moving onto something else. But we live in the real world which means everything is likely to come out, and if you’re lucky a small portion of it may find its way back indoors – eventually. After all, it’s going to be played with again tomorrow, what’s the point of bringing it in? The rain! Unfortunately for us, warmer weather generally brings heavy showers, so you need to make sure you have some easy storage solutions for getting everything put away quickly. Continue reading

It’s time to dust off that garden furniture

garden furnitureAccording to NASA April was the warmest April on record across the globe and whilst that hasn’t meant scorching temperatures for us, we have had a few sunny days. Hopefully there are plenty more to come, so if you weren’t tempted to rush into action and get your garden furniture out of it’s winter storage during those few warm days, it’s probably time to think about it now.

For those of you who were super efficient and cleaned and stored everything away at the end of the last summer season, it’ll be an easy job. Get the furniture out of the shed, garage or storage unit or from under the covers, give it a quick wipe down and you’re ready to go. Continue reading

It’s time to think about storing your garden furniture for winter

garden furniture covered in leavesWe are enjoying a bit of late summer sunshine and warmth, but there’s no doubt about it, Autumn is on the way. Leaves have started dropping from the trees and the mornings and evenings are noticeably cooler. It won’t be too long before you’ll need to think about storing your garden furniture away until next year.

If you want to keep your furniture in tip top condition for next season, you’ll need to clean it, treat it, and if it can’t be left outside, store it away somewhere dry. In most cases that’s likely to be the shed or garage, but if you don’t have room, you may need to consider a self storage unit (especially if you’ve added new furniture this season).

Wherever you’re storing your garden furniture, it needs to come back out next season in good condition and ready to be used. Here are a few tips to help. Continue reading

Getting your Garden Furniture out of Storage

Spring flowersSpring has finally sprung and we’re on our way to summer. It’s time to get out into the garden! But did you put your garden furniture and tools into storage at the end of last summer? Or did you leave them leaning on an outside wall or in your leaky shed?

If you chose self storage or utilised the last remaining bit of space in your garage, you did the right thing. Your mower, strimmer, spades, forks, BBQ and table and chairs should be clean and ready to go. That is of course, assuming you cleaned them up before you put them away! If not, then read on, the following tips will help. Continue reading

Finding storage space for your garden tools and furniture

garden furniture covered in leavesHow many of us cut the lawn for the last time and wheel the mower into the shed or self storage unit without cleaning the blades or the excess grass?

How many of us have never once cleaned off the mess from our garden tools or furniture before housing them for winter?

And how many of us, simply leave our tools in the back-yard or in a damp shed where the elements can destroy them?

The answer to all three questions is the same. Most of us! Continue reading