Using self storage for your collectables

image of collectablesWe have all got a few bits and pieces in the loft. Some are worthless, but sentimental, others are not only collectable but extremely valuable too.

It could be a collection of Beano comics, Vinyl 33s from back in the day or a pile of well kept Rev Awdry’s Thomas the Tank engine books. You might have a collection of fine wines, football programmes or antique furniture.

Whatever you have and wherever you have it stored, it’s a fact that memorabilia, collectables and antiques have never been more in vogue. Continue reading

Top tips for storing antiques


Antique_chairHowever valuable they might or might not be, there is a right and a wrong way to store your goods. When it comes to storing antiques, choosing the right type of storage and storage facility is imperative for the well being of those prized possessions.
Put them in a cardboard box in the garage and they will not only deteriorate in quality but they will diminish in value too. A similar result could occur if you hide them away in the attic. If you do possess trinkets of value, antique books or furniture, the option of self storage may be a consideration. It’s safe, secure and provides ease of access.

Tips for storing antiques

When storing antiques it’s important to box and prepare your items properly for storage. Fragile items such as antique furniture with mirrors and large framed pictures should be wrapped carefully with protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap. Blankets, sheets or felt can also be used to protect these antique furniture items from being damaged while in storage. Continue reading

Ebay storage – Finding an answer to your problem

Archiving - storage boxesIf you fancy a spot of De-cluttering but don’t want to throw away those items that have spent the last 20 years in the attic, then eBay is the perfect way to not only create space but to earn some extra money too.

Sign up, list your items and hey presto, your Paypal account gets bigger and bigger and bigger. For many people, eBay provides that second income, however big or small.

Storing your eBay goods before sale, however, can be an issue for many people whose houses have precious little storage area. Where should they keep their goods prior to sale? For years, they have been clogging up the attic and now, the space is required. Maybe you wish to extend into the attic or possibly, for the first time in years, you simply want a junk free zone at the top of the house. Continue reading

Storing collectables and antiques

sotring collectables - boxes and containerCollecting can be great fun. It could be antiques, Star Wars figures, records and CDs, Scalextric or just bits and pieces that have come your way down the years. However, while many people will make enough room to show off their items in the house, others simply have too much and will need to investigate how they can go about storing collectables and antiques.

So, how would you go about storing collectables and antiques? If you’re lucky, a friend might have a garage in which you could store one or two boxes. Maybe your previously unused shed is free from damp and subsequently suitable to support a few shelves on which you can keep a handful of figurines, DVDs or antiques. Continue reading