Preparing wooden furniture for storage

wooden furniture - sideboardPreparing wooden furniture for storage is vitally important, whatever its cost or sentimental value. There are many reasons for storing furniture. You may have inherited things, you may be a dealer who buys and sells, or you may simply have downsized but can’t bear to let some things go.

Whatever your reason, it’s likely that you’ll need to use a self storage facility for a period of time and if not prepared properly your furniture could suffer irreparable damage.

Preparing wooden furniture for storage is not a five minute job. It takes time, care and attention. If you want to ensure the long term value of your antique bookcase, sideboard or dining table and chairs, put aside enough time to do things correctly. Continue reading

What’s hot in the antiques world?

various antiquesAntiques, collectables and artefacts are becoming more and more popular. Many families will hoard them, others will display them and some will collect and sell them on to supplement their income.

Collectors and sellers alike can purchase antiques from a variety of places these days. Ebay is an excellent site to make a start, while car boot and garage sales always seem to throw up the odd gem. You will be surprised how many people will put collectable antiques on a table without ever knowing their value.

However, as a buyer, always remember this. If you are pursuing a bargain at a boot sale, the best deals will be struck by mid morning, so get to your destination as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If it’s a garage or porch sale, you might want to pass by the day before, to see what’s about. Remember, the seller is keen to sell, so if you’re polite and genuinely interested, you could land yourself a bargain. Continue reading

6 Tips for furniture storage

room of furnitureWhatever the reason, there is always a need for furniture storage. It might be a bereavement, moving into a care home, downsizing, taking a gap year or a simple case of de-cluttering. The easy bit is organising a storage unit. Google search your local self storage centre, get a quote for a storage unit that suits your need and then agree to a length of contract.

Once you’ve agreed on a suitable unit for your furniture storage, the impulse might be to grab your items, throw them into the van, take them to the unit and leave them there until you next need them. What could be easier?
Continue reading

Using self storage for your collectables

image of collectablesWe have all got a few bits and pieces in the loft. Some are worthless, but sentimental, others are not only collectable but extremely valuable too.

It could be a collection of Beano comics, Vinyl 33s from back in the day or a pile of well kept Rev Awdry’s Thomas the Tank engine books. You might have a collection of fine wines, football programmes or antique furniture.

Whatever you have and wherever you have it stored, it’s a fact that memorabilia, collectables and antiques have never been more in vogue. Continue reading

Using self storage whilst moving house

moving houseApparently, it’s the most stressful time of your life. No, not your wedding day or your first day at school, but moving house!

As any house mover will tell you, first, it’s about selling your own property and finding a suitable destination for you and your family. Then, you need to instruct a solicitor and a surveyor. Finally, having already put your own property up for sale, it’s about selling it. If you say all four of those tasks quickly enough, it doesn’t seem to be a too stressful mission, does it?

Well, when you add to that, the small matter of moving your lifelong possessions, furniture and your clothes, food, garden tools and vehicles, it can become a little exacting – to say the least. Most people will cart all of their belongings with them, choosing not to leave anything behind and finding that when they arrive at their new property, they have underestimated the available space. Continue reading