How Much Self Storage Space Do I Need?

self storage space

The first question on everyone’s mind when they consider self storage is how much space they need. Regardless of how much you want to store, it’s never easy knowing what size self storage unit you should rent. It’s even harder to picture where everything from the living room, bedroom or kitchen will go.

Self-storage units of all different sizes are used by a wide variety of individuals and businesses. Whether you’re renovating, moving house or to a new office, it’s a stressful process. Running out of space at home or the office is not ideal but that’s what makes self storage the perfect solution.

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When cheap storage becomes expensive

cheap_storage_real_costThere are many reasons for using self storage and one of the key things you will consider when making your choice of provider will be cost. Cost is a factor in everything we buy. You may be tempted to just do an internet search for cheap storage and see what it turns up, especially if you only want it for a short period of time. But we all know you get what you pay for and sometimes cheap can end up being very expensive. Some people have almost lost their business because they took the cheap option.

You may be thinking ‘I’m not having anything made or produced and I’m not running anything online, so that won’t apply. Cheap storage does what it says on the tin doesn’t it? Put your things in a unit and store them. How can storage space end up costing me more money?’

Well, there are many ways that going for cheap storage can end up costing you. Let’s start with the most common one – offers.

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