Secure Storage for Houseboat Living

Secure Storage

The Bristol Harbour Festival is only 2 weeks away and it’s a big reason so many people get a hankering for a boating holiday. Starting on Friday 21 July, the festival is jam packed with live music and other performance arts, narrow boating, water sports, stalls and much more. It’s an event not to be missed so here is some more information to entice you even more.

If long-term boat living is something you’ve considered, this post is just for you. The biggest concern for most would be secure storage for the stuff you can’t take with. Boat living can essentially help you declutter as well. Continue reading

Top tips for storage solutions on your boat

storage solutions on your boatThe weather today has turned decidedly chilly, but the last few weekends have been warmer and brighter and we’ve seen more boats out on the canals and rivers. For those living on their boats permanently the ability to let loose the mooring and chug along in the sunshine has been welcome. There’s little or no clearing out to do as they’ll have all their storage solutions down to a fine art. But for those seasonal boaters out there, it’s time to get the covers off, repair, spruce up and clear out. Part of that exercise will involve reviewing the storage solutions on your boat. Space is at a premium and you’ll have to fit in everything you need for the season; crockery, pots, pans, bicycles and logs for the burner (eve those summer evenings get cold!).

Here are our tips for storage solutions on your boat

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