Comparing self storage costs

Costs_bannerWhen thinking about using self storage the first thing most people do is hop online and do a search for a self storage facility in the area they want. They might go onto a few individual websites and look at pricing but how closely do they look when comparing self storage costs? Often the price that’s shouting at you on the front page isn’t the price you’ll end up paying because there are additional add on costs like insurance. Make sure you know what’s included in any quote given and whether there are any charges that you night incur should you need to extend your time or cut it short. Sometimes, cost is not only about the storage space either; travel time and condition of the units can also have an impact on the overall cost to you.

So what questions should you ask when comparing self storage costs and quotes?

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How to fit everything in your self storage unit

self storage packing boxesIf you’ve read any of our posts, you’ll know that one of the pieces of advice we frequently give is ‘don’t pay for space you don’t need’. When deciding on the size of your self storage unit it doesn’t have to be the same size as the place your belongings came from (unless of course it’s come from another well packed self storage unit!). It can be hard to envisage just how much space you need and that’s why we compare the unit sizes to different removal van sizes; we find it helps people. However, it can still be difficult when making that final decision about a unit size, so when doing that you need to consider how you will pack your unit. If you pack your unit well, you may be able to get everything in to that smaller space.

Here are our top tips when packing your self storage unit

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Things to think about when using self storage

self storage unitsThere are many types of self storage, but which type do you need? This will depend on what you’re storing and how much access you need to your possessions. Different companies will offer different options, so it’s worth doing your homework and thinking carefully before you sign up.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you make a decision about using self storage.

What are you storing?
You might only have a few small boxes to put in storage, or you may have a house or office full of goods that need tucking away safely for a while. Some storage providers offer one-size-fits-all units, while others provide anything from small lockers to huge units. Getting the right size will ensure that your goods aren’t cramped and that you aren’t overspending on storage. If you are storing valuable items that could get damaged, ask potential storage providers whether the units are dry, pest-controlled and temperature-controlled. There are regulations about what can and can’t be stored in self storage – make sure you check if you are in any doubt. Continue reading

Do I need contents insurance when using self storage?

contents insurance policy documentThere are many reasons for putting household items into self storage. Moving house, renting out your home or undergoing renovations are just a few. Whatever the reason for using self storage there are 2 questions we often get asked:

1. Are my belongings still covered by my home insurance policy when they’re in storage?
2. Does my home insurance cover my belongings when I’m moving them into storage?

The answer is not straightforward. It can be, yes, no or a bit of both! It will depend on the home contents insurance policy you currently have and you should always check with your provider before you start moving your belongings. Continue reading

How to pack your storage unit

storage unitsUsing a self-storage unit is a great way to clear space in your home and to store valuable items safely. Whether you are renovating your property, moving to a smaller home or heading off on your travels, hiring storage space gives you the opportunity to hang on to your goods even if you don’t have the space you need in your property.

Before we go on to talk about how to pack your storage unit effectively there is one thing you need to get right first.

Rent a suitable space!

There’s no point hiring a huge space if you only have a handful of items to store. Likewise, trying to cram too many items into a small space is a bad idea. Pick a self-storage company that offers a range of unit sizes rather than a one-size-fits-all system. If you’re not sure what space you need, have a chat with centre manager – a good centre will advise you on the correct size of unit you need. Continue reading