Long term self storage and the things you need to consider

long term self storage map pin markerWe’re heading to the end of the year and for some this will be the prompt to have a clear out. You may well be thinking it’s time to get rid of some of the clutter around you and that will make a great New Year’s resolution. For others the New Year will bring change or maybe adventure; a house move, a long trip or a change of job. If any of these things are ringing true for you, then you may well be considering long term self storage as an option for keeping your possessions clean, dry and secure. If this is the case, there are questions that need answering and not just by your self storage facility; you will need to ask yourself a few questions too! Continue reading

Storage solutions to the Christmas present hiding problem

storage solutions for christmas presetnsWhether you’re a last minute shopper or a longer term planner, when it comes to Christmas presents they need to stay hidden until they’re ready to be handed over. For many people finding storage solutions that keep them safe, undamaged and hidden isn’t always easy. If you have children, it can feel almost impossible.

This is the time when your children suddenly start offering to tidy up, poking their heads in to linen cupboards that they’ve not been in for nearly a year; offering to help clean out the garage or go up into the loft the get the Christmas decorations down. In fact, it’s thought that two thirds of children go hunting for their Christmas presents before Christmas Day.

For some, the answer is to move things from place to place hoping to outrun the snoopers, but this doesn’t always work. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will do the next best thing – turn to Google! A couple of smart search terms will not only reveal the common places where parents hide presents, but also tips on how to find them and avoid getting caught snooping!
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How much self storage space do I need?

self storage boxesThat’s the first question on everyone’s mind when they consider using self storage for the first time. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little you have, trying to imagine it packed neatly away into a locker or larger sized unit can be difficult. After all, you’re probably used to seeing the sofa, cupboards, beds and everything else in place in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. It isn’t easy to imagine how the things from each room would look packed and stacked into one much smaller space.

So what do you need to think about when working out the size of self storage unit you’ll need?

Firstly, and this is quite a common misconception, you won’t need a self storage unit the size of your house to hold everything that’s currently in it. It’s easy to worry about the space when you look at everything you own around you; but don’t forget, at the moment it’s all spread out across your home and it won’t be that way when it’s packed up for storage. Continue reading

Renovations often mean a need for temporary storage space

part built extensionMore and more people are choosing to extend or renovate rather than move house. House prices don’t seem to be coming down and when you add in the cost of solicitors, estate agents, stamp duty and actual moving costs, extending or renovating an existing property is becoming a more attractive option. If you’re happy where you are and you’ve got space to extend (within planning regulations) or can remodel your interior to make the space you need, then you may not need to move house. However, it’s very likely that major renovations will result in you needing some temporary storage space so you will need to do some planning. Continue reading

Secure self storage can help with your downsizing plans

houses - secure self storage postTraditionally, downsizing was something that only got considered when retirement was on the horizon. With the children gone and older age creeping up, thoughts would turn to a smaller house and garden that wouldn’t take quite so much work. But that’s no longer the case. There are increasing numbers of reasons why people are thinking about downsizing and in some severe circumstance, have no choice.

Why are people downsizing?

  • Financial uncertainty. In the uncertain times of potential interest rate fluctuations people are reviewing their needs to see if they can cut their mortgage payments, or even remove them altogether
  • Too much space. The kids have grown up and you’re just rattling around in a big old house.
  • Running costs. A smaller property will cost less to heat, light and insure.
  • Maintenance and cleaning. A smaller place will take less work, time and money to take care of.
  • More free time. Logic says that if you’re spending less time maintaining and cleaning a house and garden, you’ll have more time to do things you want to do, and may even have more money to do them.

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