Downsizing Tips For A Happy Retirement


Many people who face the idea of downsizing when retiring often have mixed emotions. Leaving the family home filled with happy memories once the kids have moved on is a daunting and emotional experience. Not only that but decluttering a life time’s worth of possessions and the moving process in itself can be a monumental challenge. It’s not all doom and gloom as downsizing can actually offer massive financial and practical benefits, now and for the future.

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How to use self storage in retirement

picture of furnitureWhen people close in on retirement, there is a tendency to ask questions.

One of the most common questions a couple will ask, is whether or not to stay put or seek a new abode, maybe a smaller home. After all, with the kids having flown the nest, do you actually need a big home with empty rooms? Of course the answer to those questions will vary between couples. However, many will consider moving to a smaller home which is not only more manageable, but easier to heat during the long winter months. Continue reading