5 top tips on packing boxes the right way

picture of boxes filled with goodsThere is a right and a wrong way to do everything. It goes without saying. If you listen to a decent piece of advice, all will go smoothly. If you ignore the recommendations of others, you are likely to make more trouble for yourself. The same goes when it comes to moving house or de-cluttering your home to create more space. Packing boxes should be the most simple of tasks. However, it can be disastrous if you do it the wrong way.
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How to pack your self storage unit

Image of self storage unitsOnce you have chosen the option of using a self storage container or unit, your next task is to identify exactly what you want to store. Then, when you have de-cluttered your home, garage or shed, you should set about packing your belongings properly and labelling them clearly. After all, when it comes to finding your goods, six months down the line, you don’t want to empty the unit and find yourself back to square one.

Here are SIX top tips to making self storage the right option for you.

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Top tips for packing when moving house


Packing boxes for house move imageIt’s two weeks to the big house move, the contracts are signed and it’s all systems go. Except, that is, the boxes that will transfer your belongings from old to new. It has always been the most arduous part of a house move, but of course, it has to be done – packing.

Labelling the wires for your stereo system, wrapping the table and chair legs to protect them whilst in transit and making sure that your glass and chinaware is suitably covered, all has to be done before you can put up your feet and wait for the removal men to arrive.

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