Different types of storage unit

various secure stotrage unitsStorage is an essential tool when de-cluttering, downsizing, moving home, empty nesting or, if you are a student, planning a gap year. In order to make decisions that you will feel comfortable with today and in the future, it is necessary to find a location where you can keep things secure and contained. It is equally important to find the correct size of unit to suit your needs. Here are seven different types of storage.


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How to pack your self storage unit

Image of self storage unitsOnce you have chosen the option of using a self storage container or unit, your next task is to identify exactly what you want to store. Then, when you have de-cluttered your home, garage or shed, you should set about packing your belongings properly and labelling them clearly. After all, when it comes to finding your goods, six months down the line, you don’t want to empty the unit and find yourself back to square one.

Here are SIX top tips to making self storage the right option for you.

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How mobile shelving can help you organise your self storage unit

picture of boxes filled with goodsHaving chosen your self storage unit, it’ would be wise to establish exactly how you are going to store your goods, belongings or possessions. You might have a wide variety of items that you want to keep in damp free, secure surroundings, ranging from books, personal records, discs and files, to antiques and valuables.

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Maximise the space in your storage unit

Image of storage untiHave you ever thought how you could maximise the space in your storage unit and ensure ease of access? Once you have taken the step of contacting a storage centre in the right location for you, it’s time to consider what size unit you require.
Don’t always think big. It simply doesn’t make sense to have a giant unit in which just a few small boxes and bags are rattling around in one corner. It’s a waste of money. The key is getting the size right and to maximise the space in your storage unit by loading the unit properly.
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