Long term self storage and the things you need to consider

long term self storage map pin markerWe’re heading to the end of the year and for some this will be the prompt to have a clear out. You may well be thinking it’s time to get rid of some of the clutter around you and that will make a great New Year’s resolution. For others the New Year will bring change or maybe adventure; a house move, a long trip or a change of job. If any of these things are ringing true for you, then you may well be considering long term self storage as an option for keeping your possessions clean, dry and secure. If this is the case, there are questions that need answering and not just by your self storage facility; you will need to ask yourself a few questions too! Continue reading

We all need a bit of seasonal storage

squirrel seasonal storageWe talked last week about clearing out your wardrobes and swapping the summer clothes for more warmer ones. In doing so it got us thinking about just how often things get put away for long term or seasonal storage. That may be at home, work or even at a self storage facility, but there are definitely things that come in and out of storage with the seasons. And when we say seasonal, it relates to all sorts of things.

When you use the word seasonal storage there’s a tendency to think about summer or winter; hot or cold. If you’re thinking about retailers, in addition to summer etc. you’ll consider Easter and Christmas as seasons. But ‘seasonal’ can be any time of the year depending on your industry. Conference season, exhibition season, fashion show season, panto season, and market season – they don’t all coincide entirely with the meteorological seasons but they are times when things will be coming in and out of storage. Continue reading

Are your monthly self storage costs worrying you?

calculating self storage costsMany people use self storage for a number of reason and increasingly people are using self storage for longer periods of time. Carefully considering the ongoing cost right from the very start is essential if you are to manage the ongoing costs. However, we recognise that sometimes circumstances change and a review of your financial situation may be needed. A project may be going on longer than expected resulting in increased costs; business may be suffering a slow down or your personal circumstance has changed. If your self storage costs are beginning to cause a strain on your finances you may think about removing your items from storage to get rid of the ongoing cost. Perhaps a friend can help you out by storing your things at their house? But if you’ve got nowhere alternative to put your items don‘t just cross your fingers and hope things will improve. Things may well get better further down the line, but if they don’t the problem will only get worse and your goods are at risk.

First and foremost: Talk to your provider Continue reading

Weird and wonderful things found in self storage units

self storage unitsSelf storage units are used by so many people for a variety of reasons. Extra storage space for the increasing amount of belongings at home; the essential low cost option that means you can manage your business overheads effectively; storing work tools so they don’t clutter up the garage at home; all very common reasons for using self storage. So, on the face of it those types of uses don’t really convey images of treasures being lovingly stored. But, nonetheless there have been treasures found in long forgotten self storage units as well as some more extraordinary things.

It has to be said, that most weird and wonderful finds seem to come from America – maybe we’re a bit more careful about our storage units in the UK. A statistic from back in 2011 stated that in America there were more than 50,000 abandoned storage units! Because of that programmes like Storage Hunters and Storage Wars, where people battle it out to win the contents of units in auctions hoping to find something of value have become more popular. Whilst it makes for good viewing, sometimes when you see someone’s personal possessions being picked through I can’t help but think it’s a little sad. Photographs and personal items that maybe should end up with family members, cast aside and thrown away because there’s no financial value in them. Continue reading

Solving the storage problems for boaters

boat storage problemsIt’s just a few weeks until the Bristol Harbour Festival gets underway. A great weekend of fun is coming up for everyone with entertainment, family fun, live music and some great on and off water displays. There will also be an array of different boats to see coming in and out of the harbour; some owned and lived in, others hired and brought to Bristol to join in the fun.

More information about the Bristol Harbour Festival here.

It’s at events like these that people watch the boats coming and going and start thinking about the idyllic summer lifestyle of cruising along the rivers and canals or even getting out across the open sea. It may even encourage some to take their first taste of life on the water and consider booking a boating holiday. Continue reading