Adding Value To Your Home When Renovating


A good home makeover is an exciting prospect but even simple renovating needs thorough planning. Think about how you can add value to your home and what improvements will yield the best return. It doesn’t make sense to spend a small fortune on renovating if it’s barely adding to the overall value. This is particularly important when you renovate with moving in mind. Don’t overspend on unnecessary improvements and remember to weigh up renovating costs against the increase in property value. Continue reading

Top home improvements that add value

kitchen home improvementsA good spruce up or some home improvements can give your home a new lease of life, but which ones are likely to add more value? You may not be intending to sell your home right now, but if you’re planning on some home improvements it’s always useful to know just how they’ll impact further down the line.

There are lots of things that might make your home look fresher and even increase saleability, but which ones exactly are going to add those all important £s to your property value?

Here are the top 5 things home improvements that should add value to your property.

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Adding a conservatory

picture of a conservatoryIf you’re lucky enough to have sizeable savings and feel like sending it over the spring weeks, why not consider adding a conservatory to your home? It’s not only a cheaper option than a full extension. If you get the right one at the right price, it can add significant value to your property.

A survey by Spicerhaart, an independent network of estate agents, revealed 46% of agents reckon a conservatory as the most worthwhile addition to a home. Ask yourself this. If you were looking to move house, would a conservatory sway your decision? In most cases, it almost certainly would. Continue reading