Storage solutions at Christmas time

family with christmas presentsChristmas time, mistletoe and wine and nowhere to hide away the presents ahead of the big day. Basically you need storage solutions.

It’s an issue that many families have in the build up to Christmas. We all like to buy early and make sure that nothing is left to chance or more importantly, that our chosen gifts are not out of stock.

However, if you are purchasing sizeable presents like furniture, bikes, beds, stacking  systems with speakers or the like, have you thought where you might store them?

Have you any storage solutions?

Some folk have a spare room with a key. Ideal. However, many haven’t.

Some will use a friends’ house, but even then, it’s a big favour to ask, especially if your friends have a similar problem. Continue reading

Finding storage space for your garden tools and furniture

garden furniture covered in leavesHow many of us cut the lawn for the last time and wheel the mower into the shed or self storage unit without cleaning the blades or the excess grass?

How many of us have never once cleaned off the mess from our garden tools or furniture before housing them for winter?

And how many of us, simply leave our tools in the back-yard or in a damp shed where the elements can destroy them?

The answer to all three questions is the same. Most of us! Continue reading

Cheap storage is not always the answer

cheap storage prices signWhenever we buy or hire anything, cost is often one of the main considerations. If it’s too expensive, we will shop around. If it’s cheap, invariably, we will take the plunge.However, when it comes to picking yourself a self storage unit, of whatever size, cheap storage is not always the answer. Don’t be fooled by the basic price of your chosen unit. Check the small print and make sure the unit is right for you.Remember cheap storage can often lead to longer term issues in terms of accessibility, insurance or security. In addition, some ‘welcome offers’ may not be all they appear Continue reading

Preparing for self storage

self storage unitsIf you decide on self storage, to help with your de-cluttering or downsizing, make sure you choose the right unit. It’s the most important decision you will make. After all, whilst a small unit with too little space is pointless, a cavernous unit with too much space is equally, unnecessary.

Your self storage centre will help you make the right decision. They will also assist when it comes to preparing your goods for self storage.

As any experienced storage expert will tell you, there is little point in renting a self storage unit and storing your goods without rhyme or reason. Each item should be packed and prepared properly. It’s a simple, but very important, part of the process.

Have you thought how you would pack your summer clothes for autumn and winter storage? Have you wondered how to keep your antiques in good condition or how to preserve that leather Chesterfield whilst you move home? What about your surplus furniture or garden tools?

Although your unit is likely to be damp free, overlooking the advice given to you, will almost certainly lead to your goods becoming damaged, tarnished or even unfit for use or future sale. Continue reading

Storing memorabilia

image of people watching footballWith the football World Cup up and running and collectors from all over the world ready to start bidding for match-day programmes and memorabilia, it’s time to start thinking about where and how to store your new batch of collectables.

Most collectors use a spare bedroom or converted garage to store their precious programmes. Or at least, that’s where they start. Filed neatly in boxes and stored properly in damp-free surroundings will ensure those valuable items will remain in good condition. However, what happens when the space runs out?

Whatever your situation, DON’T start compromising your collection by leaving programmes hanging around the house or using the shed, outhouse or any other non secure, damp area where programmes can become damaged. Continue reading