Moving house – size matters

2 houses one large one smallThe act of moving house is arguably one of the biggest moments in your life. Along with marriage and having children, it’s right up there in terms of its importance.Many of us will move to a bigger home. A new addition to the family, the need for extra space or just the desire to have a bigger place to enjoy.

However, many people reach a time in their life when they have to either reduce their living costs or start funding their retirement. A report in the Independent last year stated that 43% of people moving house and downsizing, do so for these reasons.

Whatever your reason, moving house, to a smaller property, is an option that will help you save money. Not only will it cut your everyday living costs but will free up some extra cash to put away for when you finally call it a working day.

3 Big savings when moving house and downsizing Continue reading

Houseboat owners – storage solutions

various houseboatsPicture the scene. Another lock successfully negotiated and a gentle wave beneath the boat as you meander your way through the countryside.

The sun continues to shine on the hull of your narrow boat and your decision to swap the only life you knew, for 12 months on the water, appears to have been the right one. Some folk will extend that year on the water into a lifetime.

They will sell their property, buy a canal boat and enjoy the calm and tranquility of Britain’s waterways for the rest of their lives. What could be better? It all sounds quite simple and idyllic, doesnt it? It is. No garden maintenance or domestic decorating and no worries over fluctuating mortgage rates. It’s a chance to get rid of the second car too! Continue reading

Moving house – do it the right way

picture of family moving houseAre you thinking of moving house and can’t quite bring yourself to make the first move? Are you happy to go house hunting but worried about the logistics of the move itself?

You wouldn’t be alone. Many house-hunters are put off by the hard work that comes with selling your house and buying a new property.

For those who genuinely fear moving house and in particular, the packing and physical move, organisation is the name of the game. From day one, prioritise your tasks, write a to do list and and make sure you stick to it. Don’t switch from one task to another. If you do, nothing will get done and important tasks will be overlooked.

Here are some useful tips to make sure that moving house is not the chore that people claim it to be. Continue reading

How to use self storage in retirement

picture of furnitureWhen people close in on retirement, there is a tendency to ask questions.

One of the most common questions a couple will ask, is whether or not to stay put or seek a new abode, maybe a smaller home. After all, with the kids having flown the nest, do you actually need a big home with empty rooms? Of course the answer to those questions will vary between couples. However, many will consider moving to a smaller home which is not only more manageable, but easier to heat during the long winter months. Continue reading

Downsizing can be the key to happiness

Downsizing picture of two houses of different sizesIn times of recession, moving to a smaller home or office is commonplace. We call it downsizing – a simple way to not only reduce your overheads but to have a jolly good clear out and create some space for your next move. Your new property will be more manageable and will, of course, make financial sense.

But what about your belongings? What will you do with all of those antiques, possessions, books and files that you have built up over the years? What about the kids’ stuff which you want to get rid of, but can’t? What about the furniture that was suitable in the garden of your three bedroom semi-detached, but will not squeeze into the back garden of your new home? Continue reading