Winter’s here – time to declutter and clear those cupboards out!

declutter piles of stuffThe clocks have gone back and the dark evenings are here; those early evening summer walks are now becoming a distant memory. With the weather turning colder and wetter, it’s time to turn to those indoor tasks that you put off over the summer months. It’s time to declutter! The cupboards are overfull, the wardrobes are bursting and things have started to clutter up the work surfaces. Whether you get rid of some things or not, it’s definitely time to have a bit of re-organisation.

“Where do I start?” is the obvious question. If you empty all the kitchen cupboards in one go, you probably need to sort, organise and get them back in order before everyone gets back home from school or work. If you empty all your wardrobes onto the bed, can you try everything on, sort out what goes and what stays and package it all up ready to go before bed time? Continue reading

Kitchen Storage Solutions

xmas serving dishesChristmas is just around the corner and family and friends will be arriving at your door for festive parties and meals. It’s about this time you have to start rummaging through cupboards and drawers to dig out the roasting tins, serving dishes and bowls that are only used occasionally. There may even be things that you only use at this time of year. Now, where did you put them when you tidied everything away last year? Maybe they’re on top of that cupboard?

It’s about now you’re probably thinking, I must have a clean out and re-organise my kitchen storage after Christmas so I don’t have this problem next time. But how? You’re not extending the kitchen and you’ve no more space for extra cupboards?

So, when things calm down after Christmas and you’ve got time to think about your kitchen storage issues, here are some handy tips that will help.

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Moving house – size matters

2 houses one large one smallThe act of moving house is arguably one of the biggest moments in your life. Along with marriage and having children, it’s right up there in terms of its importance.Many of us will move to a bigger home. A new addition to the family, the need for extra space or just the desire to have a bigger place to enjoy.

However, many people reach a time in their life when they have to either reduce their living costs or start funding their retirement. A report in the Independent last year stated that 43% of people moving house and downsizing, do so for these reasons.

Whatever your reason, moving house, to a smaller property, is an option that will help you save money. Not only will it cut your everyday living costs but will free up some extra cash to put away for when you finally call it a working day.

3 Big savings when moving house and downsizing Continue reading

Loft storage is the key to creating space

image of things in a loftWith winter having passed, it’s time to think about putting your overcoats, jumpers, scarves, gloves, bedding and boots away for the spring and summer and creating some much needed space around the house.

Your loft is the ideal place for immediate, temporary storage. Unless, of course, you’re one of those hoarders who has spent the past 10 or 20 years using your loft space as an indoor junk-yard. If so, it’s time to de-clutter, create some loft storage space and subsequently fill the available gaps with your winter woollies and bedding. Loft storage is key to anyone’s attempt to create space around the house. Continue reading

Top tips for spring cleaning your home

image of spring cleaning toolsWinter has finally given way to an improved spell of weather and the clocks have gone forward. Spring has finally arrived and not only are we able to shed one layer of clothing, at least, but we can relax in the knowledge that the worst of the weather is behind us.

Many people will bring in the new season by tidying up the garden. Dust down the lawnmower, give the grass its first cut and after jet-washing the patio you might have enough energy left to dig the borders. You could even turn over the vegetable patch in preparation for a spot of planting.

Inside the home, it’s time to clean the house, from top to bottom. Make sure you are properly prepared and organised when it comes to this year’s spring cleaning. There is little point in playing at your annual spring cleaning, that will achieve nothing. It might even create greater confusion around the home. Continue reading