Office Storage for Business Expansion

office storage

Effective office storage is essential for any organisation no matter the type or the size. At some point, every business outgrows their current space but expanding or relocating to bigger premises may not always be possible. The associated costs such as increased rent, rates and electricity are major contributing factors. However, there are really good storage ideas which apply to home offices, small businesses or larger corporates. Let’s get right to it shall we. Continue reading

Effective archiving made simple

effective archiving filesSome businesses produce large volumes of paperwork that need to be stored for a fixed period of time. Effective archiving is key to ensuring your files are stored safely and secure but also accessible. While many choose to digitise to save on storage space, they then jeopardise their files by not storing them safely. For example, some small businesses often use hard drives or memory sticks to back up data but then choose to store them in a desk drawer on the premises. If the property (and any paper files) are damaged due to fire or flood, the digital files are also likely to be ruined. Here are three steps to ensuring that your archives are kept safely and efficiently. Continue reading