How much self-storage space is enough

Self-storage space

One of the most frequently asked questions from people looking for self-storage space is just how much space they need. It can be a challenge to calculate or visualise how much space is required especially for first-timers. This is an important step in the process as you don’t want to pay for space you don’t need right?  It’s easy to picture your furniture in your living room, dining room or bedrooms but not so much when you have to stack everything into a smaller space. Continue reading

Stock Storage Solutions

Stock Storage

Summer markets and festivals are almost in full swing again and effective stock storage is essential. Whether you’re an online retailer, have a shop premises or you have a stall at an event, do you really need to keep all your stock with you? In fact, many businesses use self-storage facilities for stock storage as it keeps their home or office uncluttered.

The greatest benefit here is peace of mind. People know they can access things whenever they need to and that it’s kept clean, dry and safely locked away. Continue reading

Sole Trader-Storing your tools


Storing your tools the right way

If you’re a sole trader like a carpenter, electrician or plumber, you don’t have to spend a fortune on business premises which will mostly be used for storing your tools.

So before you decide on making a big investment in a business property, consider a self-storage unit. Storage units come in various sizes and a 120 or 200 square foot unit will cost considerably less than a business property and still offers all the space you need. Continue reading

Do I need contents insurance when using self storage?

contents insurance policy documentThere are many reasons for putting household items into self storage. Moving house, renting out your home or undergoing renovations are just a few. Whatever the reason for using self storage there are 2 questions we often get asked:

1. Are my belongings still covered by my home insurance policy when they’re in storage?
2. Does my home insurance cover my belongings when I’m moving them into storage?

The answer is not straightforward. It can be, yes, no or a bit of both! It will depend on the home contents insurance policy you currently have and you should always check with your provider before you start moving your belongings. Continue reading

Do I need self-storage insurance?


SpaceCentreUnit‘If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.’ It’s a commonly used phrase in the world of self-storage. Will I need additional self-storage insurance when using a storage centre is the most common questions we get asked by clients. The answer? Well, it’s very much up to you. However, it’s widely accepted that while storage centres are normally safe, secure and free from damp, your goods will be exposed to a higher risk of loss, damage or both than when they are inside the home. And remember, your Home Contents Insurance policy is unlikely to cover any goods that are either in transit or in storage. If your personal insurance policy doesn’t provide cover and you need storage in the North Bristol or Gloucestershire areas, why not contact us for a free quote on Self-storage insurance.

“Here at Space Centre Self Storage we encourage clients to discuss with us the reasons why insurance is a good idea when you are moving so many items of value in and out of storage,” said Lucinda Dangerfield, director of Space Centre Self Storage. Continue reading