Are your monthly self storage costs worrying you?

calculating self storage costsMany people use self storage for a number of reason and increasingly people are using self storage for longer periods of time. Carefully considering the ongoing cost right from the very start is essential if you are to manage the ongoing costs. However, we recognise that sometimes circumstances change and a review of your financial situation may be needed. A project may be going on longer than expected resulting in increased costs; business may be suffering a slow down or your personal circumstance has changed. If your self storage costs are beginning to cause a strain on your finances you may think about removing your items from storage to get rid of the ongoing cost. Perhaps a friend can help you out by storing your things at their house? But if you’ve got nowhere alternative to put your items don‘t just cross your fingers and hope things will improve. Things may well get better further down the line, but if they don’t the problem will only get worse and your goods are at risk.

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Comparing self storage costs

Costs_bannerWhen thinking about using self storage the first thing most people do is hop online and do a search for a self storage facility in the area they want. They might go onto a few individual websites and look at pricing but how closely do they look when comparing self storage costs? Often the price that’s shouting at you on the front page isn’t the price you’ll end up paying because there are additional add on costs like insurance. Make sure you know what’s included in any quote given and whether there are any charges that you night incur should you need to extend your time or cut it short. Sometimes, cost is not only about the storage space either; travel time and condition of the units can also have an impact on the overall cost to you.

So what questions should you ask when comparing self storage costs and quotes?

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Secure self storage can give summer holiday security

holidays and secure self storageWe’re just entering the summer holiday season and if you don’t have children of school age, the chances are you’re taking the opportunity to get away now before the schools finish up or have decided to wait until September. If you’re waiting for school to finish, you’ll be eagerly planning and working your way through that holiday checklist; clothes, sun cream, holiday money, sickness tablets!

Many people plan their holiday with military precision, from booking, to packing and then leaving and doing the same for the return journey. What most people don’t consider is their home and it’s contents while they’re away. Some get a neighbour or friend to look in every few days. Others use automatic light switches, but, unfortunately most of these systems are easy to spot, especially if (and many people do this) you leave your curtains closed while you’re away. Continue reading

What Happens if I Can’t Pay for my Self Storage Unit?

storage unitsMost people have seen the TV programmes about auctioning off the contents of storage units. Normally U.S. based, these programmes show the fortunes of treasure hunters hoping to benefit and make a profit from units where, for whatever reason, the bill has not been paid.

But is that what it’s really like? Do Self Storage Centres really hold public auctions if clients don’t pay their bills. Can they empty your storage unit and let the contents go for little or no money in comparison to its perceived value?

The answer is yes and no!

You have an obligation to pay the fees agreed for the rental of your self storage unit and if you fail to meet those agreed payments, the centre has a right of lien over the contents. That means they are entitled to hold on to the contents until any debt is repaid. In the event of non-payment, the goods can eventually be sold to recover the debt. But, there is a proper process to follow to get to that point. Continue reading

Making the Most of Seasonal Trade

seasonal_trade_imagesWhether you’re a bricks and mortar retailer, a pub, restaurant or market trader, you need to make the most of seasonal trade opportunities.

In addition, throw in major events in your locality and you should be able to capitalise on something all year round. However, you need to be ahead in your planning to make the most of the opportunities. For instance, we are at the height of our British summer (supposedly!!) but really, if you’re in retail or hospitality you should be well in to your Christmas planning now (please don’t groan, it’s really not that far away). For some, Christmas planning will all be pretty much done and dusted already. You should also be well ahead of the curve for events planned in your local area for Autumn and Winter. Continue reading