Bike Storage


Image credit: Telegraph (Asgard)

It certainly seems that cycling has become more popular over the last few years as more people are buying and riding expensive bikes, but do they really know how important bike storage is?

Your bike is a valuable item and needs to be properly stored and looked after whether at home, work, gym, going to the grocery store or stopping off for a quick latte. Always remember these golden rules for effective bike storage: Continue reading

How cheap self storage can turn out to be expensive

indoor self storage unitsWe all like a good bargain from time to time and can sometimes get quite excited when we see something we want at a surprisingly low price. Sometimes we get lucky but often there’s some sort of problem or catch. When it comes to self storage, there’s not necessarily always a catch; often it’s just an omission of some of the finer details in those ‘cheap self storage’ ads.

Offer adverts are often the same. Various offers scream out from the headlines; 8 weeks for the price of 4 or 50% off for the first 6 weeks are common examples. But often they don’t reveal the potential for costs to be incurred if you change your mind part way through an offer period or exactly what’s included. Continue reading

Storage Solutions for the home

storage solutions - shelvingIt’s about now that you’ll be looking around you and wondering where on earth you are going to put everything once Christmas is over. You may have been tempted by the many offers around and added a few extra decorations that will need somewhere to live until next time. In addition there are the gifts you received and if you’ve got children, there’s probably still a pile of things on the floor in each room that need to find a home. It’s time to get smart with storage solutions for everyone.

It’s very likely that with a little thought or re-organisation you can find a place for everything, and if not, you’ve got serious clearing out to do! Here are a few ideas for creating a little extra storage space throughout the house that won’t cost the earth. Continue reading

Preparing for Christmas visitors

christmas visitors at dinner tableRight now you are probably busy reviewing the calendar and trying to fit in your visits to other people for Christmas. It’s highly likely that you are also preparing for your own Christmas visitors. They may be coming for a few hours, a few days or even weeks. There may be 1 or 2 at a time, a few more, or, if you’re planning a big get together, a house full!

Bags under the stairs, toys around the floors and easily breakable items all need to be moved, for safety reasons as well as to avoid damage. You don’t want grandma to trip over something, or the youngest member of the family to hurt themselves playing with something they shouldn’t; and you don’t want your favourite ornament or picture to get knocked off the shelf or wall. Continue reading

How much self storage space do I need?

self storage boxesThat’s the first question on everyone’s mind when they consider using self storage for the first time. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little you have, trying to imagine it packed neatly away into a locker or larger sized unit can be difficult. After all, you’re probably used to seeing the sofa, cupboards, beds and everything else in place in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. It isn’t easy to imagine how the things from each room would look packed and stacked into one much smaller space.

So what do you need to think about when working out the size of self storage unit you’ll need?

Firstly, and this is quite a common misconception, you won’t need a self storage unit the size of your house to hold everything that’s currently in it. It’s easy to worry about the space when you look at everything you own around you; but don’t forget, at the moment it’s all spread out across your home and it won’t be that way when it’s packed up for storage. Continue reading