What Happens if I Can’t Pay for my Self Storage Unit?

storage unitsMost people have seen the TV programmes about auctioning off the contents of storage units. Normally U.S. based, these programmes show the fortunes of treasure hunters hoping to benefit and make a profit from units where, for whatever reason, the bill has not been paid.

But is that what it’s really like? Do Self Storage Centres really hold public auctions if clients don’t pay their bills. Can they empty your storage unit and let the contents go for little or no money in comparison to its perceived value?

The answer is yes and no!

You have an obligation to pay the fees agreed for the rental of your self storage unit and if you fail to meet those agreed payments, the centre has a right of lien over the contents. That means they are entitled to hold on to the contents until any debt is repaid. In the event of non-payment, the goods can eventually be sold to recover the debt. But, there is a proper process to follow to get to that point. Continue reading

Keeping Your Collectables and Memorabilia in Tip Top Condition

various antiquesPeople have always collected things; art, antiques, collectables and memorabilia. Some, because they trade in those areas, buying and selling and hoping to make a profit along the way. Others collect for their own enjoyment because they like a particular artist, ceramic factory or even just a certain animal. There are people who collect as investment with the long term future in mind and as people worry about the performance of their pensions, this is becoming an option being chosen by more people.

Whatever the reason you’re collecting, if you want to get the maximum financial benefit from your investment, short or long term, you need to make sure your collection stays in tip top condition. If on display, they need to be kept safe from harm and if packed away or stored, it needs to be done properly to avoid damage. Continue reading

Space Centre Self Storage – Tips from the Stroud Centre

Stroud_mainWhat do people use self storage for? Do you auction off the contents of units when people don’t pay? Is it like Storage Hunters (on TV)?

A couple of questions we get asked regularly when people find out the business we’re in. Let’s address the second 2 first as they’re quite quick and easy to answer.

The laws in the UK are quite different to those in America which means that auctioning off unit contents is rarely done, and no, it’s not really like the TV programmes!

The first question is not so quick to answer as there are so many reasons for people using self storage. At our centres in Stroud, Gloucester and Bristol we have all sizes of units so we have all sorts of clients. Continue reading

Making the Most of Seasonal Trade

seasonal_trade_imagesWhether you’re a bricks and mortar retailer, a pub, restaurant or market trader, you need to make the most of seasonal trade opportunities.

In addition, throw in major events in your locality and you should be able to capitalise on something all year round. However, you need to be ahead in your planning to make the most of the opportunities. For instance, we are at the height of our British summer (supposedly!!) but really, if you’re in retail or hospitality you should be well in to your Christmas planning now (please don’t groan, it’s really not that far away). For some, Christmas planning will all be pretty much done and dusted already. You should also be well ahead of the curve for events planned in your local area for Autumn and Winter. Continue reading

Maximising on the Rugby World Cup in Gloucester

rugby world cup scrumWith only 50 days to the start of the Rugby World Cup, it’s time to start making sure you’ve got everything in place. The first match kicks off on 18th September which means overseas visitors will be making their way to the UK soon.

Whether you’re a retailer, market trader, hotel, restaurant or someone who will be enjoying the experience as a spectator, it’s time to make sure you’ve got everything sorted to get the best from your experience.

Large retailers and hotel / restaurant chains will no doubt have experience in dealing with major events and increased demand, but for others in business this will be their first experience of maximising on a major national event. The fact that Gloucester is a match venue for the Rugby World Cup means that there may even be some people who have never been in business set to take the opportunity to make a little extra money by renting out their spare rooms.

In addition, people will not be watching rugby all the time. They will be looking for things to do and places to go between matches. If you’re a business that can give overseas visitors a taste of Gloucestershire for a day, it’s time to get creative!

We’ve put together some hints and tips to help you get organised. Continue reading