Long term self storage and the things you need to consider

long term self storage map pin markerWe’re heading to the end of the year and for some this will be the prompt to have a clear out. You may well be thinking it’s time to get rid of some of the clutter around you and that will make a great New Year’s resolution. For others the New Year will bring change or maybe adventure; a house move, a long trip or a change of job. If any of these things are ringing true for you, then you may well be considering long term self storage as an option for keeping your possessions clean, dry and secure. If this is the case, there are questions that need answering and not just by your self storage facility; you will need to ask yourself a few questions too! Continue reading

How to avoid damage when packing your moving boxes

packing_moving_boxesMoving house takes a whole lot of planning and organisation because you don’t just move house. Unless you are moving 10 minutes down the road, a house move normally involves changing schools, doctor, dentist, vet and a whole host of other things so there’s alot to think about before, during and after any move.

Once you’ve worked out all the essential people and organisations you need to deal with (and we’ve got some handy checklists for that), you then have to think about the best time to start packing your moving boxes. If you are going to pack efficiently and avoid damage it will take planning and time. Trying to pack all your moving boxes just a few days before the removal vans are due will only result in rushed packing, and probably, damage. So, what do you need to do to plan and pack effectively? First of all, and most importantly you need to decide the type of removal service you are going to use. This will have a major impact on the time needed to pack and the materials you’ll need. If you decide to use a removal company you may well have the option for them to provide a packing service for you. It’ll still take some planning as you’ll need to give them some direction over packing, but someone else will be doing it for you which frees up your time. Continue reading

Moving House Checklists

moving house checklistMoving house is right up there as one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your life. And whilst there are some stressful encounters you can never prepare for, this is not one of them.

Planning and preparation will help your house move go as smoothly as possible and with some handy checklists it can be made even easier. It’s not just moving day itself that will need careful planning, there are a whole host of things to do before, during and after moving day.

We’ve broken things down into a few key areas to help you make a start. Continue reading

Take the Stress out of Moving House

moving house keysIs moving house one of the most stressful things you can do? Well, the jury’s out on that one. Some reports say yes, it’s more stressful than relationship breakdowns or job moves. Others say no, compared to life threatening illness or war, it doesn’t even factor. I guess it depends on the questions asked. One thing is for sure, whether it’s top of the list or just one of those things that has to happen at some point, when moving house there will be some level of stress encountered.

When moving house, there are so many things to consider before you’ve even sealed the deal on a new property. What are the local schools like? What are the local health services like? How long will my commute to work be? Is there good public transport? Are there good childcare facilities close by? Gyms, sports clubs – the list goes on.

Once you’ve got all that covered, found a property and got past the stress of actually signing on the dotted line the actual move comes next. There are more decisions to be made! The key to taking the stress out of the move is to prepare. There are some things that will need to be decided and arranged well before your moving date and other things that will have to wait until the day of the move. Make yourself checklists and keep an eye on what needs to be done next. Continue reading

10 Things to Remember when Moving House

picture of family moving houseMoving house – the average person will do this eight times in their lifetime. That’s eight removal vans, eight changes of address and eight near nervous breakdowns as a result ! And no matter how many times we move, we always forget something.

The best way to avoid overlooking something that needs to be done when you are moving house, is to make a detailed list. Make sure you compile the list in plenty of time. You might need multiple lists, but don’t leave anything until the last minute if you want your house move to go smoothly. Continue reading