Business document storage space is essential

business document storage filesStorage of your documents is a vital part of any business. You might have survived the double dip recession and find yourself developing at a rate of knots. Your focus is understandably on the invoices and paperwork you’re filling out now.

However, don’t forget about your past records, files, bank statements, invoices and VAT returns. These are hugely important to you and your business.

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5 ways to increase the value of your property

picture of a conservatoryHave you ever thought about how you could increase the value of your property in preparation for a sale? You might have chosen not to move and have plans to improve instead.

If so, do you know what improvements would best increase the value of your property? It’s a common question to which most of us would have an answer. However, do we have the right answer?

Some changes, such as installing an expensive modern kitchen, add less than they cost to complete. Other changes, like installing a hot tub or swimming pool, can often reduce a home’s value and its appeal.

Here are 5 useful tips to increase the value of your property

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Storage units will help during World Cup

Rugby ScrumFor many business owners in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Gloucester and Exeter, rugby’s ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ will almost certainly mean extra business.

As the predicted hoardes of fans, from all over the world, arrive in ‘Blighty’, ready to sample the local cuisine and take home a piece of British memorabilia, it means an increased supply of stock is required to meet the greater demands.

The chosen rugby grounds, who will play host to at least one game, will have already ordered the official Rugby World Cup merchandise. Of course, some will need extra storage space during the build up and the duration of the tournament.

Likewise, city centre shops will need to find extra space too. After all, with adequate stock and good organisation it’s an ideal time to make hay.

Do you have a business that could prosper throughout the Rugby World Cup? Have you begun planning, ordering and organising where your stock will go? Would hiring storage units help you? Continue reading

Removals – 6 tips to help you choose

removals van with familyMoving house can be a stressful time. Where to go, how much to spend, suitability of schools and local amenities have to be studied and considered.

However, one of the most important elements of any move is the move itself!

Are you torn between hiring a van or enlisting the help of a removals company? Maybe you could hire a man with a van. All three options have their pros and cons and you need to work out which is going to work out best for you practically and financially.

Here are 6 points that could help with that decision when it comes to removals.

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SIX garage storage solutions

garage storage household itemsIf your garage has become overcrowded and space is at a premium, why not de-clutter and look for some handy garage storage solutions.

With a little effort and a lot of organisation, you can not only clear your garage but you can sort out suitable storage options.

Do this job properly and you’ll have space for all your tools, gardening equipment, bikes, sports gear and maybe even your car too!

Remember, your garage is not a dumping ground and like any other room in your house, will benefit from a little care and attention.

Here are SIX useful tips to help with your garage storage.

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