How to make sure your renovation project is a success

renovation project property

You’ve spied a rundown property and feel that with a bit of work it could either become the perfect home or be sold on for a handsome profit. Many property developers have successfully transformed old properties into money spinners in recent years, but what happens if you have little or no renovation experience? Where do you start?

First of all, you have to find that ideal property. Estate agents and property auctions are the logical places to start your search. Once you’ve spotted the one for you, the hard work starts.

We’ve put together a guide to help you avoid the common pitfalls and make your renovation project a success.

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Top items to collect and how to store them

various antiques and items to collectMany people collect items over the years, either for sentimental reasons or because they are of high monetary value. The latter are often set aside as an investment for the future, either to be sold or to be passed on to the next generation. These may include pieces of art, furniture, jewellery, ornaments and records.

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Starting a Business – Things to Consider

starting a business tasks on cardsThis is it. 2016, you’ve decided, is the year that you will go it alone and start your own business. You know what you want to do; you may even be doing what you were doing before, but for yourself now and not someone else. If you haven’t got your primary business idea sorted yet, this article by the Entrepeneur is worth reading BEFORE making any final decisions.

But if you’ve got the basics covered and you know you can meet the needs of the day to day principal business function, you need to consider the rest. Do you have a business plan and strategy? Do you have a marketing strategy? If not, how are you going to find customers or clients?

So, what do you need to consider when starting a business?

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Repairing Scratches on Wooden Furniture

wooden furnitureIf you have wooden furniture of any sort, you’ll know that there are the normal day to day concerns over scratches or damage. Has that hot cup got a coaster underneath it? Mop that sticky spillage up quickly and make sure whatever cleaning cloth or fluid you use doesn’t damage the wood! Don’t drag that dish across the table, pick it up. All phrases we’re probably familiar with.

However, because we’re so diligent about the day to day, that’s not normally when the accidents happen. Often it’s when things are being moved around. Packing up a removal van, putting things in or getting things out of storage or moving them around while you decorate or renovate; these are all times when damage can easily happen. Of course, packing things up and protecting them effectively reduces the chance of scratches and damage to wooden furniture. But sometimes, no matter how careful we are the worst happens. A blanket slips off, bubble wrap get snagged and tears or there just isn’t enough room to manoeuvre things around and they get knocked resulting in small marks or dents.
If the damage is severe, then you’ll probably have to get a specialist in to repair your item of furniture. You’ll need to weigh up the cost of the repair against the value of the furniture (and don’t forget to factor in the sentimental cost – sometimes it’s not just about the money). Continue reading

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

New_Year_res_headerWe’re one full week in to the New Year and if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution you’re probably still on track and full of enthusiasm. But how long will that last? Many gym memberships bought in January get no use after February; exercise classes get smaller and smaller between January and April.

Whether you’re doing the dry January thing and giving up alcohol for a month or setting more long term goals one thing to remember is that your goal must be realistic and achievable. If not, then you’re destined to fail. For instance if you’re trying to lose weight set small weekly or monthly targets, not that one huge one that will always seem so far away. Want to get fitter? Don’t start by trying to run a marathon – do a little at a time and build up. Better still, find something you really enjoy doing or want to do and see if it can help with your fitness efforts. Ever wanted to learn to dance? Now there’s a way you can learn something you’ve always wanted to, have fun and get fitter, all at the same time! Continue reading