Creative Storage Solutions

Storage solutions kitchen racksDo you spend much of your time on the look out for innovative solutions to your storage issues? Many people are finding that they can’t afford to move to bigger properties and so are having to be more innovative with their increased storage needs.

If that sounds like you, why not sit down and take a look at the following tips? Your home is full of untouched areas that could house the odd box or bag.

If you’re buying new furniture, think about getting pieces of furniture that will help provide storage solutions. For example, an all in one bed or a bed with drawers. Continue reading

6 Tips for Short Term Storage

short term storage small boxesAre you moving home but there’s a delay between leaving your old property and moving into your new? Maybe you’ve decided to rent until you’ve found the perfect next property or are even having a house built? If so, you are likely to need some short term storage space for your furniture and belongings.

Finding a storage solution for your home contents is never that easy. Some people will ask friends or family to look after their goods whilst others will opt to use a local self storage company. Your friends are unlikely to say no even though it may be a bit of an inconvenience for them but it can sometimes still feel like a bit of an imposition. Continue reading

Protecting your goods for temporary storage

disassembling_furnitureIf you need to remove furniture whilst renovation work in being undertaken at your house, there are two options. You can try to squeeze your belongings in to the garage and run the risk of footballs, golf clubs, bikes, paint cans or even the car coming into contact with them. Or you can use safe, secure temporary storage at your local self storage company.

Temporary storage, at the right price, will give you peace of mind and ensure the safe keeping of those belongings that could be damaged if you attempt to store them somewhere at home. There are many thing to think about when choosing a self storage facility, particularly when storing furniture; climate control, security and access options to name but a few. Do your research. Continue reading

Preparing to move – key tips to consider

preparing to move keys and moving boxesAre you thinking of moving or already preparing to move house? If so then you’ll need  to consider what it takes to make your move successful.

What is your budget, how many bedrooms do you want, have we got a solicitor, shall we search on-line or pay a visit to the local estate agents? All questions you’ll be asking yourself.

Most of them are obvious when it comes to preparing to move. It goes without saying that you will need a legal eagle to oversee the purchase. Of course, you will need to look at your budget and know the size of the property you want.

However, beneath the surface are many other issues that HAVE to be addressed when you are preparing to move.

Continue reading

Business document storage space is essential

business document storage filesStorage of your documents is a vital part of any business. You might have survived the double dip recession and find yourself developing at a rate of knots. Your focus is understandably on the invoices and paperwork you’re filling out now.

However, don’t forget about your past records, files, bank statements, invoices and VAT returns. These are hugely important to you and your business.

You never know when the Inland Revenue, a customer, client or even your own finance manager might need to consult a document from years gone by. Continue reading