Preparing for self storage

self storage unitsIf you decide on self storage, to help with your de-cluttering or downsizing, make sure you choose the right unit. It’s the most important decision you will make. After all, whilst a small unit with too little space is pointless, a cavernous unit with too much space is equally, unnecessary.

Your self storage centre will help you make the right decision. They will also assist when it comes to preparing your goods for self storage.

As any experienced storage expert will tell you, there is little point in renting a self storage unit and storing your goods without rhyme or reason. Each item should be packed and prepared properly. It’s a simple, but very important, part of the process.

Have you thought how you would pack your summer clothes for autumn and winter storage? Have you wondered how to keep your antiques in good condition or how to preserve that leather Chesterfield whilst you move home? What about your surplus furniture or garden tools?

Although your unit is likely to be damp free, overlooking the advice given to you, will almost certainly lead to your goods becoming damaged, tarnished or even unfit for use or future sale. Continue reading

Moving house – size matters

2 houses one large one smallThe act of moving house is arguably one of the biggest moments in your life. Along with marriage and having children, it’s right up there in terms of its importance.Many of us will move to a bigger home. A new addition to the family, the need for extra space or just the desire to have a bigger place to enjoy.

However, many people reach a time in their life when they have to either reduce their living costs or start funding their retirement. A report in the Independent last year stated that 43% of people moving house and downsizing, do so for these reasons.

Whatever your reason, moving house, to a smaller property, is an option that will help you save money. Not only will it cut your everyday living costs but will free up some extra cash to put away for when you finally call it a working day.

3 Big savings when moving house and downsizing Continue reading

Creating extra storage space at home

shelf with saucepans hanging We have never got enough storage space at home, have we? Piles of books, kids toys hanging around, creating a health hazard and clothes cluttering every drawer, cupboard and wardrobe.

Without knowing, it can happen. But how can you deal with it? How can we create more storage space without building an extension, adding a third storey to the house or digging down to create a basement?

Easy. First of all, you should de-clutter at every available opportunity. Not every week or maybe not every month. However, if you aim to clean up, spring clean or de-clutter, once every three months, you will establish a routine that will help when it comes to finding extra storage space.

Remember also, that if you are downsizing to a smaller home, you might also need to create extra storage space for your belongings. Continue reading

Getting back the deposit from your rental property

keys and moving boxesOnce you’ve decided to move to another rental property, or even in to your first bought home, you will need to address the important matter of getting back the deposit on your existing property.

Getting your deposit back is significant as you may need the money to help your move or even to rent storage units if there’s a need to store some of your belongings temporarily between moves.

It goes without saying, that when it comes to finding the right sized, affordable storage units, you need to do your homework.

Why not do a comprehensive Google search to find your local self storage centre? Once you’ve settled on one make sure you ask the right questions to establish which storage units will best suit your needs. Continue reading

Back to school – storage solutions

books, calculator, pens etc.It’s that time of year when we all wrack our brain for storage solutions.

The kids are back in school and the aftermath of their summer holiday is there for all to see. There are books and clothes everywhere. It’s the scene most parents are familiar with.

In a few weeks’ time, when the weather changes and the nights begin to draw in, the time will come to rescue those winter woollies from the attic. Snow boots, ankle boots, overcoats, hats, scarves and gloves will all come out. And they too, will command their corner of storage space.

Working on the assumption that there’s no time like the present, maybe it’s time to establish some storage solutions for those new school clothes and seasonal garments.  Continue reading