Storing your garden tools

picture of garden tools by a treeIf you clean and then store your garden tools properly during the autumn and winter months, they will last you a great deal longer. Should you ignore such advice, you will almost certainly find yourself having to purchase new equipment, maybe on an annual basis.

But where should you store your garden tools?

Many homeowners and some self-employed gardeners will use their own garden shed or garage to store their garden tools. However, the more tools you collect, the more clutter you get.

Lucinda Dangerfield, co owner at Space Centre Self Storage has many clients who swear by the company’s safe, damp free units. In terms of security and protection you simply can’t go wrong. And there are no long-term contracts to worry about. Continue reading

Top tips for spring cleaning your home

image of spring cleaning toolsWinter has finally given way to an improved spell of weather and the clocks have gone forward. Spring has finally arrived and not only are we able to shed one layer of clothing, at least, but we can relax in the knowledge that the worst of the weather is behind us.

Many people will bring in the new season by tidying up the garden. Dust down the lawnmower, give the grass its first cut and after jet-washing the patio you might have enough energy left to dig the borders. You could even turn over the vegetable patch in preparation for a spot of planting.

Inside the home, it’s time to clean the house, from top to bottom. Make sure you are properly prepared and organised when it comes to this year’s spring cleaning. There is little point in playing at your annual spring cleaning, that will achieve nothing. It might even create greater confusion around the home. Continue reading

Maximise the storage space in your kitchen

Image of kitchen utensils in storage spaceThe most integral part of any house is the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to entertain friends or simply spend time with the family whilst you prepare and / or consume your breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, whether you live in a high rise, an apartment or a large detached property with plenty of storage, there is always a need for extra storage space.

Whatever happens, don’t be limited by the actual dimensions of your kitchen. And remember, not everything that ends up in your kitchen needs to be there.

Your crockery, pots and pans, tea towels and cleaning equipment can be stored elsewhere to create space. You might have a pantry which is currently used to house those useless bits and pieces that you won’t throw away. If you de-clutter, you will establish more storage space for the items you really need. Continue reading

Using self storage for your collectables

image of collectablesWe have all got a few bits and pieces in the loft. Some are worthless, but sentimental, others are not only collectable but extremely valuable too.

It could be a collection of Beano comics, Vinyl 33s from back in the day or a pile of well kept Rev Awdry’s Thomas the Tank engine books. You might have a collection of fine wines, football programmes or antique furniture.

Whatever you have and wherever you have it stored, it’s a fact that memorabilia, collectables and antiques have never been more in vogue. Continue reading

Top tips for first time house buyers

image of  a house with a keyBuying your first house can be a daunting experience. Imagine the scenario facing so many of our potential first time house buyers. You have only recently started your first job, your student loan still hangs heavy on your mind and the lease has run out on your rental property.

Not only are you beginning to search for a permanent place to reside, but you have the added concern of where to live in the short-term and where to keep your belongings whilst you seek to make the first move on the property ladder.

Here are SIX tips for first time house buyers

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