Maximising on the Rugby World Cup in Gloucester

rugby world cup scrumWith only 50 days to the start of the Rugby World Cup, it’s time to start making sure you’ve got everything in place. The first match kicks off on 18th September which means overseas visitors will be making their way to the UK soon.

Whether you’re a retailer, market trader, hotel, restaurant or someone who will be enjoying the experience as a spectator, it’s time to make sure you’ve got everything sorted to get the best from your experience.

Large retailers and hotel / restaurant chains will no doubt have experience in dealing with major events and increased demand, but for others in business this will be their first experience of maximising on a major national event. The fact that Gloucester is a match venue for the Rugby World Cup means that there may even be some people who have never been in business set to take the opportunity to make a little extra money by renting out their spare rooms.

In addition, people will not be watching rugby all the time. They will be looking for things to do and places to go between matches. If you’re a business that can give overseas visitors a taste of Gloucestershire for a day, it’s time to get creative!

We’ve put together some hints and tips to help you get organised. Continue reading

Toy storage – top tips

child with toysWith the schools having broken up and the weather, having turned, for the better, it’s time to empty the toy cupboards and transport everything into the garden – it’s PLAY TIME!

However, when the sun falls behind the clouds and it’s time for bed, how you will you make sure everything gets put away and doesn’t get damaged by being at the bottom of the pile or from overnight rain or damp? By getting organised and sorting out some storage that’s easy for your children to use.

When it comes to toy storage baskets and tubs are great. If there’s anything that doesn’t fit in your tubs, why not buy half a dozen garage hooks or some garage shelving? You could even buy a stand alone shelving unit for the shed. Continue reading

Self storage DO’s and DON’Ts

self storage unitsIf you are planning to rent a self storage unit to help alleviate your storage problems, always remember to READ the storage rules. Like anything else in life, there are always plenty of Do’s and Don’ts.

Look at the small print when you sign your contract and make sure you plan accordingly. DO your homework and DON’T just sign on the dotted line and ignore the rest.

If you follow the correct procedures, take care when it comes to preparing your goods and organise your storage unit properly, you will reap the benefits.

Remember – if you are ever in doubt, you refer to your rental agreement or talk to a manager at your self storage facility who can clarify anything you are unsure of. After all, the rules are not only set in place for for the protection of the storage unit owners, but for you and other users of the facility. Continue reading

How self storage can help with your DIY

image of person paintingMany people will choose the summer months for a spot of internal or external DIY and decorating.

Whatever work you have planned – inside or out – have you thought of what happens to your belongings, tools and materials whilst the work is being undertaken?

We have all tried to decorate the inside of our house whilst protecting our furniture and belongings beneath a few dusty old sheets. It doesnt always work, does it?

And whilst damage is not a consideration when it comes to outside work, have you considered where you will store your timber, bricks, fencing, cement, mixer and tools until it’s time to get the work done?

You might not have any room in your garage and we all know that leaving materials and tools outside is an open invitation to thieves. Continue reading

Long term storage – peace of mind

aeroplane in sunset skyAre you heading for pastures new but find yourself fretting about storing your possessions? Relax. Long term storage will wipe away the fears and allow you to focus on what could be your trip of a lifetime.

It goes without saying that travelling, moving or spending time on a lengthy holiday is far less stressful when you know your belongings are stored safely. After all, there is nothing more likely to spoil your trip than worry!

Let us put your mind at rest. Get in touch with us at Space Centre Self Storage and we will answer all of your long term storage questions. Continue reading