SIX garage storage solutions

garage storage household itemsIf your garage has become overcrowded and space is at a premium, why not de-clutter and look for some handy garage storage solutions.

With a little effort and a lot of organisation, you can not only clear your garage but you can sort out suitable storage options.

Do this job properly and you’ll have space for all your tools, gardening equipment, bikes, sports gear and maybe even your car too!

Remember, your garage is not a dumping ground and like any other room in your house, will benefit from a little care and attention.

Here are SIX useful tips to help with your garage storage.

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5 Tips for safe storage when decorating or renovating

paint pots and brushes Right now you might be thinking about redecorating. You’ve given the rooms a good clean to make sure you’ve got all the remnants of the christmas tree, moved the sofas to retrieve the bits of party poppers left from New Year and in stepping back to take a look and congratulate yourself on a job well done, you realise that it’s probably time for a lick of paint. You may even be thinking of a bigger renovation. Did having all the family around at Christmas make you think you need a little more space?

If so, whatever your project, large or small you need to consider how to protect your belongings against dust, paint and maybe even the builders themselves.

Safe storage of your belongings is key to your preparations. If you neglect the organisation and protection of your belongings, it could take the shine off your renovation and decoration work.

Here are five safe storage tips to make sure everything goes smoothly

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Storage space for your new business

business filesStorage space is often overlooked when people start up a new business.

A business advisor, an accountant, the bank manager – they are never forgotten. They are part and parcel of the creation of a new business.

However, when everything is agreed and the paperwork signed and sealed the question that is often asked at the end of it all is; “Where and how will I store my stock and paperwork?

Many people will work from home, using a spare room to house themselves. A desk and a small filing cabinet is fine at the outset. But what happens when the paperwork mounts and your room becomes cluttered?

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Bicycle storage solutions

family on bicyclesDoes your bicycle take up too much storage space? Maybe you’ve got a whole family of bicycles.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to justify a place in your garage for your beloved two wheelers?

Maybe your shed is overflowing with garden tools and junk and your internal hallway is too narrow to house a bicycle?

If you recognise any one of these issues or find yourself putting distance between yourself and the purchase of a bike, due to the fear of creating even more space issues at home, it might be wise to look at the FIVE bicycle storage ideas below.

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Creating storage space in your bedroom

wardrobe storage spaceCreating storage space is key to all of us. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your lounge, conservatory, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, we could all do with some extra space. At this time of year especially, you find yourself looking for extra cupboard or storage space. The presents have been unwrapped and the kids have a host of new clothes, toys, computer equipment or TVs to find a home for.

And the place it needs to live is in the bedroom -somewhere!

A seasonal clean out or a general tidy up may solve your problems. But the chances are, there’ll be little that can be got rid of. You’re going to have to look a little more closely and be a little more inventive about creating storage space in the bedroom.

Here are 7 ideas to help you when it comes to finding extra storage space in your bedroom.

1. Use the space under your bed
You can buy all sorts of storage containers to slide under your bed. These are useful for clothes, toys, books or shoes and they are out of sight! Continue reading