Creating extra storage space in your home

storage space shelving ideasHow many of us are trying to find extra storage space at home?

The area beneath your stairs, the space on top of your wardrobe and the kitchen walls all provide valuable storage space. The same applies to bookshelves, the overlooked space under your bed and the ceiling in your kitchen where pots and pans can be hung.

We could all use more space in our home, whether it’s to accommodate our ever-expanding shoe collections or make room for a new addition to the family.

Have you thought about looking for and utilising that extra space? Are you struggling to find it? Here are some useful tips to help. Continue reading

Short term storage – 5 useful tips

aeroplane in sunset skyHave you planned a short term break to the sun, this summer? Maybe you’re planning a longer than normal visit to friends and family ‘Down Under’. It could even be that it’s work taking you to the other side of the world for a month or two.

Wherever your destination might be, take some time to think about your own house and its contents whilst you are away.

Do you have friends to draw and open the curtains each day and night; are you happy with the security at your house? Or will you spend your time away, worrying about potential break-ins? Continue reading

Self Storage – What you can and can’t store

self storage unitsSpring is in the air and people are starting to think about that spring clean. As well as cleaning up and clearing out, it might mean a bit of decorating and DIY. As part of the clean up all those things that have been hidden in cupboards, or dumped on the bed or floor in the spare room now need a home. If it’s decorating, some of those larger things may need to be cleared out temporarily too.

For those with children away at university and not in their final year, it’s about now that parents start thinking about making room for their kids back at home for the summer. That spare room mentioned before, is probably theirs and has been used as the dumping ground while they’re away! It’s time to find somewhere to put everything until they go back in September.

For parents of students in their final year and graduating, the job is a little harder. Have they got a job and are moving away straight after Uni? If so what do you do with their stuff? It’s unlikely they’ll want it all straight away – they’re not likely to have space! Maybe they’re off travelling but need to bring everything back from Uni first or are just going to spend time at home for a while. Whichever it is, you are likely to get their stuff back at home.

For whatever reason, many people will now be thinking about storage space, or rather their lack of it! Self storage facilities are the answer, whether it’s short term or more permanent. But, it’s not just a case of moving boxes from one place to another, there are rules about what you can and can’t store in a self storage unit. Continue reading

Self storage in Gloucester

self storage garage contentsDo you have friends and family who are planning a visit to Gloucester in the coming months? Maybe, your rugby-mad mates are on their way to Kingsholm – the home of Gloucester RFC – to watch one of this year’s World Cup pool games. If that’s the case, you may be thinking of helping them out in terms of accommodation. After all, rooms, at the right price, will be at a premium when the competition kicks off in September.

Some locals are considering letting out one of their spare rooms or even moving out of their home completely, for the duration of the Rugby World Cup. That way, they can rent out the whole house, maybe to a family or a small group of friends.

If that’s your plan or if you are simply have friends visit to soak up the world cup atmosphere, you’ll need to make space. You’ll need to de-clutter and find some self storage in Gloucester

For many families, storage space will be an issue – a garage can only house so much! Continue reading

Creative Storage Solutions

Storage solutions kitchen racksDo you spend much of your time on the look out for innovative solutions to your storage issues? Many people are finding that they can’t afford to move to bigger properties and so are having to be more innovative with their increased storage needs.

If that sounds like you, why not sit down and take a look at the following tips? Your home is full of untouched areas that could house the odd box or bag.

If you’re buying new furniture, think about getting pieces of furniture that will help provide storage solutions. For example, an all in one bed or a bed with drawers. Continue reading