10 Things to Remember when Moving House

picture of family moving houseMoving house – the average person will do this eight times in their lifetime. That’s eight removal vans, eight changes of address and eight near nervous breakdowns as a result ! And no matter how many times we move, we always forget something.

The best way to avoid overlooking something that needs to be done when you are moving house, is to make a detailed list. Make sure you compile the list in plenty of time. You might need multiple lists, but don’t leave anything until the last minute if you want your house move to go smoothly. Continue reading

Getting your Garden Furniture out of Storage

Spring flowersSpring has finally sprung and we’re on our way to summer. It’s time to get out into the garden! But did you put your garden furniture and tools into storage at the end of last summer? Or did you leave them leaning on an outside wall or in your leaky shed?

If you chose self storage or utilised the last remaining bit of space in your garage, you did the right thing. Your mower, strimmer, spades, forks, BBQ and table and chairs should be clean and ready to go. That is of course, assuming you cleaned them up before you put them away! If not, then read on, the following tips will help. Continue reading

Top Tips when Starting your own Business

starting your own business cliff edgeWhen starting your own business there are many things you will need to consider. There are the nice creative things like name and brand, colours and images, but there are also the legal and practical things to think about; legal entities, VAT, employment law and if selling products, then throw storage into the mix too.  It can seem daunting and feel like you’re throwing yourself off a cliff edge into the unknown, but if you give your plans enough thought up front, you will improve your chances of success.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering starting your own business. Continue reading

5 Stock Storage Tips for Car Booters

market stall stock storageHave you got the car boot bug? Maybe you’re a regular seller at local antique fairs or do you trade on ebay? If so, you will need safe, damp free stock storage.

Some small traders will have adequate stock storage areas in their garage or shed. However, if your out-buildings are full of bikes, your washing machine and tumble dryer, a freezer and your garden equipment, there is unlikely to be too much room for your stock.

You should also remember that your sheds may not be damp free. And if that’s the case, your goods could become damaged and as a result, lose value.

Whether you’re new, a regular or a seasonal trader the answer to your stock storage problems could be to consider a unit at your local self storage centre. After all, if you want the best price for your items, they will need to be in tip-top condition when you come to sell. If you don’t store your stock properly then it may well lose value due to damage, especially where fabrics are concerned. Continue reading

Temporary storage for students

belongings for student temporary storage Many students will move out of halls this summer and into rented accommodation.

Some, of course, will move back into their halls of residence in readiness for a second year at college of university. Others will move from one rented, shared student house to another.

Is that you?

If so, have you thought about what you’ll do with your belongings over the summer? Continue reading