Long term storage – peace of mind

aeroplane in sunset skyAre you heading for pastures new but find yourself fretting about storing your possessions? Relax. Long term storage will wipe away the fears and allow you to focus on what could be your trip of a lifetime.

It goes without saying that travelling, moving or spending time on a lengthy holiday is far less stressful when you know your belongings are stored safely. After all, there is nothing more likely to spoil your trip than worry!

Let us put your mind at rest. Get in touch with us at Space Centre Self Storage and we will answer all of your long term storage questions. Continue reading

Top things you can’t keep in a self storage unit

Image of converted shipping containersThe use of self storage units has increased dramatically over the years as we accumulate more and more belongings and outgrow our space. We buy things, inherit things and even ‘acquire’ things (normally by way of looking after things for family members or friends but never quite manage to get them back to their owners!).

So, now you find you’ve run out of space, but that’s OK, everything can go in a self storage unit, right? Not necessarily so. The vast majority of things are fine to store but there are some things that definitely cannot be stored in a self storage unit. Continue reading

Secure storage for students

students furniture for secure storageIt’s that time of year when university students are beginning to wind down.

Some students will go home for the summer. Many will spend a few weeks on the move, maybe travelling abroad, whilst others will say goodbye to their study books for the last time and spend the summer months preparing for the big move into full time employment.

Whatever the plan, all students need somewhere to store their belongings over the coming weeks. For those going back, many will be reluctant to leave their furniture and possessions in an empty house. After all, it’s impossible to know who could be roaming around the house over the holiday period.

Those who have the luxury of returning to their parents’ home for the summer, can take their belongings with them as long as their parents have room, of course. But again, if they’re going back, do they really want to take everything home? The TV and computer, probably. But all the pots and pans, books and files only to have to lug them all back again at the end of the summer break? Continue reading

Stroud Based Dan Cooper Celebrates His Best Isle of Man TT So Far!

Dan Cooper racingDan Cooper has just returned home as the Isle of Man TT Privateers Champion for 2015. This is a huge achievement for Dan and great news for Space Centre Self Storage who have been sponsoring Dan for the last year .

Dan has been competing in the TT since 2010, it can be described as one of the toughest race tracks in the world. This year Dan decided to run his own team under the Dan Cooper Racing banner. It has taken him a huge amount of commitment to start his own team and build bikes competitive enough to compete in international road races. Not only does Dan have to battle against the larger factory supported teams that have huge financial backing. He also suffered a disappointing setback at the Northwest 200 that nearly ended his TT chances before they began. Continue reading

10 reasons why people use self storage

self storage unitsMore and more people are using self storage units for more and more reasons. Some are outgrowing their space, others want to store things and there are increasing numbers of small businesses being set up with people working from home.

Whatever the reason, increasing numbers of people are turning to self storage to provide the extra space they need. At minimal cost compared to other options, it keeps their belongings safe and secure and gives them peace of mind. Continue reading