Christmas stock – time to push those sales

christmas stock of baublesAt the moment we are in the midst of the American import of Black Friday sales. However, for many retailers and traders, the emphasis will not be on this one off occasion of reduced prices, but on maximising their profits for the whole of the Christmas season.

Many will have had their Christmas stock ordered and stored some time ago, but there is still time for a big push. If you’re going to go all out and restock your most popular items, space may be at a premium, especially if you have embraced the American Black Friday theme and perhaps bought in additional or larger items to sell at reduced prices for this one weekend. Continue reading

Where to hide those Christmas presents?

child looking for christmas presents35 days to go to Christmas and most of us will have started some of our Christmas shopping. Small presents will be wrapped in their carrier bags and shoved into the back of cupboards until it’s time to wrap. When it comes to wrapping, if you’re not doing it as you go along, have you thought about when you’re going to do it? Will there be a good time when everyone is out? But what are you going to do about the bigger things? Where do you hide those things? A small self storage unit for a couple of weeks may be the answer. Continue reading

Self storage for business – everyone’s using it!

self stroage for business laptop on kitchen tabelTraditionally there were 2 primary reasons for people looking for self storage for business:
  1. Retailers who had large quantities of stock but didn’t have the room in their premises to store it. Not wanting to take on the expense of additional warehousing or premises, they turned to self storage.
  2. Businesses where there is a requirement to keep large amounts of paper records for long periods of time.

However, the landscape has changed and not only are established businesses using self storage in different ways, but start-up businesses are also turning to self storage to keep their costs down. In addition, technology and broadband advances now mean that businesses can operate quite effectively without having to have their staff in one central office. There are, or course, advantages and disadvantages of home working but it can be managed effectively. There are thousands of businesses across the country operating from kitchen tables, small or home offices with little or no overhead costs. Continue reading

Dealing with Property after Death

Lounge furnitureWhen someone dies, there are many things to sort out. There are the immediate emotional things like notifying people and making funeral arrangements, but there are also the longer term things to think about. If you’re lucky, your loved one has a made a will and so much of exactly what they want to happen will be known. However, there are still things that are more complex to deal with that take time to sort out; bank accounts, insurance policies, pensions and what to do with any property, to name but a few. Sadly, decisions about all these things have to be made when people are already at a time of personal distress.

There is some great help here about the steps to take when someone dies and there will be many people to notify officially. Each will need confirmation of certain personal details and this checklist of the most commonly asked for information may help. Continue reading

Winter’s here – time to declutter and clear those cupboards out!

declutter piles of stuffThe clocks have gone back and the dark evenings are here; those early evening summer walks are now becoming a distant memory. With the weather turning colder and wetter, it’s time to turn to those indoor tasks that you put off over the summer months. It’s time to declutter! The cupboards are overfull, the wardrobes are bursting and things have started to clutter up the work surfaces. Whether you get rid of some things or not, it’s definitely time to have a bit of re-organisation.

“Where do I start?” is the obvious question. If you empty all the kitchen cupboards in one go, you probably need to sort, organise and get them back in order before everyone gets back home from school or work. If you empty all your wardrobes onto the bed, can you try everything on, sort out what goes and what stays and package it all up ready to go before bed time? Continue reading