Houseboat owners – storage solutions

various houseboatsPicture the scene. Another lock successfully negotiated and a gentle wave beneath the boat as you meander your way through the countryside.

The sun continues to shine on the hull of your narrow boat and your decision to swap the only life you knew, for 12 months on the water, appears to have been the right one. Some folk will extend that year on the water into a lifetime.

They will sell their property, buy a canal boat and enjoy the calm and tranquility of Britain’s waterways for the rest of their lives. What could be better? It all sounds quite simple and idyllic, doesnt it? It is. No garden maintenance or domestic decorating and no worries over fluctuating mortgage rates. It’s a chance to get rid of the second car too! Continue reading

6 Tips for furniture storage

room of furnitureWhatever the reason, there is always a need for furniture storage. It might be a bereavement, moving into a care home, downsizing, taking a gap year or a simple case of de-cluttering. The easy bit is organising a storage unit. Google search your local self storage centre, get a quote for a storage unit that suits your need and then agree to a length of contract.

Once you’ve agreed on a suitable unit for your furniture storage, the impulse might be to grab your items, throw them into the van, take them to the unit and leave them there until you next need them. What could be easier?
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Self storage prices – what’s included?

self storage word cloud

Having de-cluttered your property or office, it’s inevitable you will need extra space in which to store those belongings you are reluctant to throw away.

A self storage unit is the obvious answer, whether it’s a short or long-term solution you are looking for.

If you choose the self storage route, like so many before you, make sure you get a unit that not only suits your need (in terms of size) but one that suits your budget too! Continue reading

Self Storage Units – FAQs

self storage unitsDo you have belongings, goods or files at home or at work that are beginning to make your house, flat or office look untidy? Have you ever considered renting a storage unit to help you de-clutter and create more space? If so, would you know how to go about it?

If the answer is ‘No’, why not Google your local self storage centre and find out its location?

Once you’ve established its whereabouts, you will almost certainly make the call, or visit, armed with unanswered questions about size, security, length of contract, maintenance and access. Continue reading

Long term storage – planning your gap year

Gap Year wordcloudBelieve it or not, the decision to take a gap year can be one of the most difficult you make in your lifetime. For most people, it is much easier to stay put and paddle around in your own backyard than to dip your toe into the ocean halfway around the world.
The planning takes time and effort and after so many years slogging away in the classroom and feeling the pressure of organisation, the planning side is a genuine reason why so many youngsters take the easy option.
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