Tips for storing clothes

storing clothes on a railIs your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Do you find yourself wearing the same thing time after time because you can’t be bothered to fight your way to the back of the wardrobe to find something different? It’s a common dilemma and one most people encounter because we’re not very good at storing clothes.

Most of us have limited wardrobe and drawer space and don’t take the time to sort through what we’ve got in them. When we buy something new, we don’t get rid of something old and we just stuff the new item into the front of the wardrobe or the top of the drawer. It’s because of this that we end up storing clothes in one great big stack with winter woollies and summer dresses all on top of each other and end up not wearing half of what we own. Continue reading

Are your monthly self storage costs worrying you?

calculating self storage costsMany people use self storage for a number of reason and increasingly people are using self storage for longer periods of time. Carefully considering the ongoing cost right from the very start is essential if you are to manage the ongoing costs. However, we recognise that sometimes circumstances change and a review of your financial situation may be needed. A project may be going on longer than expected resulting in increased costs; business may be suffering a slow down or your personal circumstance has changed. If your self storage costs are beginning to cause a strain on your finances you may think about removing your items from storage to get rid of the ongoing cost. Perhaps a friend can help you out by storing your things at their house? But if you’ve got nowhere alternative to put your items don‘t just cross your fingers and hope things will improve. Things may well get better further down the line, but if they don’t the problem will only get worse and your goods are at risk.

First and foremost: Talk to your provider Continue reading

Renovations often mean a need for temporary storage space

part built extensionMore and more people are choosing to extend or renovate rather than move house. House prices don’t seem to be coming down and when you add in the cost of solicitors, estate agents, stamp duty and actual moving costs, extending or renovating an existing property is becoming a more attractive option. If you’re happy where you are and you’ve got space to extend (within planning regulations) or can remodel your interior to make the space you need, then you may not need to move house. However, it’s very likely that major renovations will result in you needing some temporary storage space so you will need to do some planning. Continue reading

Tips for organising your self storage unit

self storage unit shelvingThere are many reasons for people using self storage, but whatever the reason, if you’re going to keep your belongings in tip top condition, organising your self storage unit is essential. Business stock, household storage or paper filing all needs to be packed and stored properly if you are to

  1. Use the space in your unit effectively
  2. Keep your items in good repair

Using the space effectively may not seem high on your list of priorities when you decide to use self storage but it should be. Stacking and storing things properly can have an impact on your pocket; when done correctly you can often reduce the size of the unit you need and so reduce your costs! Continue reading

The road to Paris with the British Heart Foundation

british heart foundation cyclists

We did it! – Image courtesy of the British heart Foundation

The support people gave myself and my brother Piers for this challenge was immense and huge thanks to everyone for their moral and financial support. Below is a little insight into our journey from London to Paris with the British Heart Foundation.

In September last year, I announced that I would be cycling from London to Paris to raise money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). Cycling with me would be my brother Piers Marks. Continue reading